zero9archangel no more…

Today is a rather harsh day for me, I kept getting bad news one after the other. Among the flood of disappointing news, my youtube account zero9archangel has been terminated, and thus all my videos that I have posted not only in my channel but also here in this blog are no more. I put a great effort in making my channel into what it was until this day, but got it destroyed in an instant. Despite my frustration I will continue to break away from these limitations and create something greater through my new channel DARKCLOUDXERO. I have learned a lot through my old channel and hope to bring even more enjoyable things in the future.

Hope you look forward to it.


3 thoughts on “zero9archangel no more…

  1. Ligh7C

    Hey man,
    Do you have any of your videos archived? I’m specifically looking for the video you titled: Kenshin vs Soujiro Confused Soul. It’s a 10 minute abridged version of the fight.

    If you have it, could you upload it somewhere for me to get?

    Thanks man. I hope everything is well with your new channel.

    1. Sadly all my videos from zero9archangel were destroyed when my account was terminated. I was able to salvage some of them, but they were all from the drawing videos. I really liked Kenshin vs Soujirou Confused Soul since it was among my first uploads on youtube. I put a lot of effort into it too, but oh well. If I had it I would have posted it on Veoh or have even just sent you the file, but I no longer possess it. So sorry about that. I’m really glad you enjoyed watching it though.


  2. ChelsDOG

    Its me ChelsDOG from youtube. I’ve been gone from the interweb for long times. I was devasted when i found out your account was terminated. Is that it? Are you no longer going to make drtawing vids? Please keep making your drawing vids. As you got better at drawing I did to. I really enjoyed giving you request cause your one of the only youtube artists who anwser all requests. I know you probably feel down from having your account terminated. But you got to keep going for the the sake of people like me who cant draw like you can but hope so. Cause I still got a whole lot request that I cant draw alone.

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