Knowing more than one language

Yesterday our school had some Japanese students come and visit us, so what better way to for all of us to get to know each other than to have a Futbol (Soccer) match. It was really fun (so far we have had two of these). Afterwords we all went to eat at the cafeteria. Since they told us to mingle I just sat at a table that was mostly filled with Japanese students except for the last corner edge where I left my stuff to go get something to drink. And to my surprise when I returned all the four seats next to me were filled with the only four Japanese girls of the group. It was kind of awkward at first since we didn’t talk, but luckily some of the people on the table rememebered I could speak a little bit of Japanese so we started talking. It was at this time that I was extremely glad I knew some Japanese otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to speak to those really cute girls.

So I have decided to really give it my all and master Japanese once and for all.

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