It’s been raining for more then one day without stopping where I live. I’ve never seen it happen before, usually it is very dry and hot, so whenever it does rain I feel really happy. It is on days like these that I get inspired to draw. Feeling calm without worrying about much is very enjoyable. Hopefully I’ll get a lot of work done today.

Below is a third try at using the Copic Markers (which I did a few days ago). I’m still very shaky but I learned a lot of cool techniques thanks to this drawing. I felt bad experimenting with this drawing since it’s something I drew when I was a lot younger but if one doesnt take risks than nothing will happen. Tell me what you guys think.

If there is one thing I need to worry about is how dark some lines are, other wise they will ruin the finishing touch (I really shouldnt have drawn in the rain with a pen). Hopefully next time it will come out better. Once I get a feel for what my technique will be like I’ll start looking at other peoples work to learn even more (I specially like the work that Touhou fans do). Until then.

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