Inktober 2022 27 Kanon Fukuda

Day 27. Today’s drawing is of the Angerme collaboration with Sally the Witch. I haven’t seen the anime but I have seen the opening when I listened to a 90s anime opening playlist on Youtube. I started checking out Angerme’s music this year and was surprised to find out they sung the opening. It’s such a cute video. I could have drawn any member but decided to draw Kanon Fukuda. Her ending scene was super adorable.

I made two versions, one in my style and the other emulating the Sally anime.


Hasta la proxima,


Beginning of Autumn Fukuda Kanon

We are now officially in the Autumn season! To commemorate this, I decided to paint Fukuda Kanon. I really like her current Aesthetics. Her eyes are seriously beautiful. So I really wanted to convey that. I was contemplating whether to use the dress I painted or use a different outfit. But I seriously liked the design so ended up using it. If I could redo it again, I would have mismatched the segments like the real one. I think it has more character that way. For the compositiion of this painting I remembered I could make my life easier by photoshoping ideas together. This made it so much easier to have an idea of what I wanted.

These are some of the references I used for the dress:

I wonder if her collaboration group with Tamura Meimi will actually ever happen? It’s been a bit over a year since it was announced.

I will obviously paint Kanon again, there is this t shirt that Metamuse has recently released and Kanon looks so beautiful in it.

I have so many ideas I want to paint… I might have to upload three times a week. We’ll see.

Hasta la proxima,