Yusuke walking REdo WIP

Picture below is of the old version, the one above is the new and edited one as of now.

As a bonus here is an almost finished version before I decided to edite Yusuke’s head because I noticed how huge it was in proportion to his body.

I have currently been quite busy with a home project that has been eating up my time as of late so I don’t have as much time to draw or paint currently. But here is an update regarding another painting that I am redoing. There were quite a few problems with the proportions and certain details that I need to add or modify. Unlike most times, the background has not been done first. That will be a future update and in time I will decide on what I will plan to do regarding Yusuke.

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Yusuke walking line art

I really like Yusuke’s jacket outfit that he first wore in episode 5. Personally I prefer his uncombed hair, but I have an idea for a future drawing. When I scanned it, I noticed that I made his head too big so I made it smaller with Photoshop. On this piece I wanted to practice some foreshortening with Yusuke’s finger point.

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Inktober 2018 #3 – Kid Goku and Yusuke

I’ve had this idea of making a piece with Goku and Yusuke both wearing sunglasses. So I thought I should give that a try. Of course doing it for inktober would have it’s challenges since I would have to navigate through any mistakes I make along the way.

This is how I ended it. I forgot to add Goku’s tail…











Reference pictures used:


















And here is the process for those who are interested:


From what I’ve learned, I can overcome mistakes by making light marks for my ideas and darker thicker lines for what the actual drawing will be.














And it was at this point that I was getting a bit scared. I had so many unnecessary lines and Goku’s right arm was just wrong. I almost wanted to just start a new one. But decided against it and see if I could save it. Also I accidentally hit my pen and it fell on the right corner of the paper. So far that is three mistakes in a row.






So despite looking quite dirty, I decided to fix all the mistakes.







Once again I was careless and rested my hand on Yusuke’s uniform, luckily this time it wasn’t too bad.





With the outline done, it is time to ink the darker areas and see if it can fix my mistakes.







And just to finish it, I added some hatching on certain areas to make a shading effect which not only made it look better but it also helped mask even more mistakes.











That should be all for now.

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