Majin Sonata Line art

The scene of the Majin laughing at Bojji gave me a strong image of the image “Tartini’s Dream”. I’ll talk about it more when I finish this piece. The goal is to draw and shade it all in pencil. but this is the line art and the way the scene is composed. For the final piece I will transfer it to another clean paper (I put too much pressure when I draw).

I’ll leave the description as it is for now, I’ll explain more when I make the finished drawing (although inking it would’ve looked nice too).

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Happy Birthday Momochi 2022 Line art pencil

The day almost passed but I somehow made it. Happy Birthday Momochi! I really hope you’re doing great. Although I know you followed your dream, I still selfishly wish you were active. I’m so glad you were really active back in the day because luckily you appeared in a lot of media.

It’s no secret that I love drawing Momochi. Drawing her has been a great source of inspiration in my art journey. Here’s to more in the coming years.

The outfit is from her photobook, the references I used were from the Digital Hello Project Photobooks vol. 98. I liked her pose and smile from different photos, so I used them to create this drawing (along with others that showcase more of the outfit). This is still a work in progress. I’m probably going to paint it digitally (now that I can finally do it).

After finishing the last Buono painting, my computer decided to blue screen uncontrollably. I encountered some of that while painting but the computer was unusable after I finished luckily. It took me four clean installs until I finally managed to fix it this morning. Good thing I have all my data in separate drives just for these occasions. Seems like my scratch disk was the one causing the problem (first time I have ever seen that happen). As soon as I replaced it, the problems ceased. Now everything is working correctly.

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Ski Smile Momochi pencil Line Art

For this drawing I used a watercolor paper. There is an artist that I watch on Youtube named Alpay Efe:

I want to try using the brushstrokes and colors that Alpay uses. They are amazing. But I also want to do ink drawings… Meaning that it would be a great if I transferred my line art to another paper. This calls for the use of a lightbox.

So I have a lightbox I built quite a while ago, but it takes a lot of space. It no longer works with my current setup. But, the desk I built has a place left open so that I would slide in a lightbox but I never built it. I think it might be time I scavenge the lights and built a smaller version that can dock into my desk.

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Skiing Momochi pencil line art

Time was limited today so I drew a quick sketch. It has been snowing pretty consistently lately where I live, so I want to make more snow based artworks before we move into the spring season. This time I wanted to draw Momochi skiing from her time in Country Girls. She was really in her element it seemed when she was doing it in the DVD Magazine vol. 2. I wonder if she went skiing often?

I’m not sure what I will do with this line art. I could shade it with pencil, transfer it to another paper and paint it with watercolor or paint it digitally. We’ll see.

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Work in Progress if you know, you know

If you know, you know.

Current painting I’m working on at the moment. I’m actually almost done, but it’s gotten rather late and I need to eat and rest a bit. So I’ll finish it tomorrow. Bummer. Though I guess that will give me some time to rest my eyes from the painting. Perhaps some things will be improved because of it.

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Work in Progress I D Mountains

I’m currently working on a new painting before I try to make one or two for Valentines. I’ve actually been planning to make a painting of this sort for… damn. A couple of years now. I’m surprised it took me this long to finally give it a shot. The background is mostly done. I’m actually quite a bit ahead of this but I quite like the atmosphere of where the painting is at this point. Although I can render the painting further, I wonder if that will detract from the focal subjects. So for now, I will leave it mostly as it is.

This is the reference photo of the background, modified to have snow of course:

I just did an image search to find the original creator and it seems to be from a photo manipulator that put different assets together to create this. I found it strange that the pine trees and mountains looked somewhat Western. Now I know why.

With that in mind, I will go back and edit a couple of the trees so that they fit Japanese ones. Among other changes. I wonder if there is a place in Japan that will actually fit this scenery?

The Toori is actually painted already, along with the reflection. I’m surprised at how easy it was to emulate. You guys will have to wait till next time to be the judges though. Luckily I won’t have to edit that part of the painting.

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Cherry Blossom street background

This is going to be the background for a future piece. But I decided to take a bit of detour and come back to it a little later. I’ll decide then if I want to polish it a bit more (the background) or not. I am still thinking of the composition of the actual subjects though, so I might have to edit this background quite a bit. We’ll see.


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Star Wars art piece update II

Alright, here is an update on what I have so far for this new piece I am currently working on. Christmas has now passed and some visiting relatives will be leaving soon, so I can work more without much distractions and family duties.

With that said, I would say I take the longest time to come up with an idea, and fleshing it out as a rough draft. This time I had a hard time deciding what the location would be for this drawing. Since I have made Darth Vader look more German, I decided to make Luke look like a someone from the Allies from World War II. Of course since this is all me taking liberties with the original designs, I decided to have fun with it and decided to make Luke look more like a yanki with some combat boots (inspired by the Allied soldiers). As I was finishing the drawing itself I thought, “Wait, Luke is part of the rebel alliance and yankis are rebels against society. Now it fits even better.” Aside from my personal touches they are both still Japanese influenced, this works to connect it to the original work and to give them some connection as father and son.

Now as for the location, I wanted them to be fighting on a cliff with the ocean as the background, but I also toyed with the idea of having them fighting inside a ship as if they were fighting inside the deathstar. In the end though I felt it would be better if I went with my original idea. But I did decide to add some more battles going on around them. I was a bit scared to add more things to draw because I would then have to make them fit with the whole drawing as a whole, and then there is the whole having to color them later. But I decided to to go for it anyway. It will take a bit of time and some major concentration, but if I break it down into parts I should be okay.

I wanted to use a new technique using color pastels. I am using some really cheap one’s I bought when I was in either middle school or high school, can’t even remember. They are really not that good, but I only needed them as a base that I will use to layer on top of. Don’t know if I will succeed or not. But I do feel confident I will be okay. We’ll see.

Anyway here is what I have so far. Colors are still really rough, but I will refine little by little tomorrow. Will explain the process next time (hopefully it works).

Luke vs Vader I nu resizeLuke vs Vader II nu resizeLuke vs Vader III nu resizeLuke vs Vader IV nu resizeLuke vs Vader V nu resize