Lynn Minmey Rainy MR2

It’s been a while since I last made a painting of Macross. I came upon a reference picture of Akina Nakamori which I felt would translate well as a Lynn Minmey painting. I thought about changing the outfit but quite liked the aesthetic, so I decided to keep it. The reference picture I have didn’t allow me to find out what the car is, which made me decide to paint an MR2 in it’s stead.

reference pictures:

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Lynn Minmay Idol prompt

Today’s Pixiv theme is “idol” so why not draw and paint the eternal idol Lynn Minmay from Macross. It’s funny, while looking for references for the pose I would use to draw Minmay. I came upon a photo of Naoko Kawai wearing almost the exact same clothes that Minmay used in “Do you Remember Love”.

This is the photo in question:

That of course had me decide on this particular reference photo. Really quite enjoyed the way it came out, specially when it was colored in.

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VF-1A Hikaru Veritek

This one took a while. Made with Sharpie fine tip marker and painted with my Kuretake Gansai Tambi and Nicker Poster Color. I could push things a bit further but I want to work on something else after I rest this weekend. I had a vague idea of how I would end up painting this piece but I just went with the flow.

I had to fix it digitally with Photoshop  where there was an unpainted area left behind from the tape I used to keep the paper in place. Sorry a bit tired so I will leave things as they are.

Finished piece:

References used:


Digital process:

That’s it for now.

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Trying out different coloring styles: Lynn Minmey

My brother showed me this cool picture that was drawn and then had sections of the dress cut out so that the artist could use the sky as her dresses color. Since I was already drawing Minmey so that I could practice with my pen on bristol paper. Bristol paper is cool and all but it starts to bubble up and break apart when I use water media on it so I decided to paint it digitally. And since I was already preparing  the drawing for using photographs as the “coloring” base I figure it would be a good enough time to practice different coloring styles and backgrounds.

I was just focusing on drawing and painting so I didn’t keep any records of the process this time.

Minmey drawn with my G-Pen:

Using photos as the back base for Minmey’s shorts, hair and eyes:

And here is Minmey using the anime style painting with a beach background:

Minmey using the anime style painting with her room as the background:

And finally using the colors from the reference picture:

Here are the reference pictures used:

That will be all for now.

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