Internet Today SCP-096 VS Siren Head

My favorite fun news channel Internet Today was recently animated by the channel SCP Explained – Story & Animation. Why were their likeness used? I don’t know but that’s what made it even funnier. I’ve been wanting to make fan art for Eliot and Ricky for a while now. This was a fun one.

Internet Today channel:

SCP VS Siren Head video:

I started with the background to establish the colors. Then I moved on to Siren Head who I wanted to barely start appearing among the trees. Right behind Ricky and Eliot I wanted a manic SCP-096. I have him running and debris and smoke exploding along his path. But that all ended up being covered by Eliot and Ricky. While I was painting I had the idea to have them running just in front of SCP-096, but I want the duo to be the main focus.

I made two versions of this piece, one where they used Eliot’s old hair style and one where he has his current shaved head. The outfits and gear I modeled after the animation video.

Hasta la proxima,