Classmates Tomoko and Yuri V2

Here is another Re:do painting. This one was originally done in march 2022 I think. I had it ready for a while now. But a couple of days ago, after working on some other paintings I made some more edits that I think work better. I’m glad I didn’t uploaded it sooner.

If you look at the first version you can tell just how much my line art was holding me back. without them I can blend areas that are supposed to be receiving light with lighter colors. One thing I have been noticing is that adding more color to my lighting and shading adds more to my painting and makes it look less dull over all. Although I want to try working with a pallet that’s softer but that works well together. At some point I’ll upload examples of what I’m talking about.

Have you guys been keeping up with Watamote? It’s amazing. I really do hope they give an anime adaptation another try.

Hasta la proxima,