Sayu Spring 1st Corel Painter 2020

I recently bought the Corel Painter 2020 upgrade. After running the brush accelerator but was bummed out that my computers’ cpu was lacking. Despite not being able to use the full potential of the program I did see an improvement. My score happened to be 5111 (if I’m remembering it correctly). Looking at parts to upgrade my pc will come to be quite expensive if I want it to last me a couple of years so that’s probably something I will aim to do next year. Anyway despite that it was definitely smoother. So far I have only tested the oily bristle brush, I know I had problems with watercolors with Corel 2018 so I will try that out next time.

For the first painting I have done with this version of Painter I decided to do another painting of Sayu. Wasn’t too sure what style I would be painting her in but I ended up with this one, somewhat realistic, somewhat animeish. I wanted it to be simplistic and yet have a good amount of color. I also wanted to start off some spring paintings. It’s funny the year I decide to finally star making seasonal painting we all get stuck inside. I used a photo from her instagram as a reference, but I decided to have her pointing Tokyo sky tree.

Sayu Spring 1st Painter 2020

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SPECIAL A present to Sayumi Michishige

The story of me and Sayumi Michishige starts off quite simple, in fact this was probably the case for many Morning Musume fans as well. I really didn’t like her… Clearly it wasn’t because of her looks (she’s so cute and beautiful it almost seems too incredible to believe she is real). But her personality that she showed on variety shows made her seem really mean and stuck up. Although I mainly blame some of the “fans” who commented on Morning Musume videos for giving me that impression of hers (I’m to blame as well of course for listening to their thoughts). Of course, at the time I felt like this, I was very new to Morning Musume and was barely beginning to learn more about each individual member of the group. Like many had said Sayu was definitely giving the aura of a narcissist, but after a couple of weeks of cramming in as many videos of the members as I could find at the time, things began to change. I also started to pick up all the subtleties of how each member acted and I noticed that sometimes Sayu wasn’t so sure of herself and what she said. She was definitely quick to recover and change the subject or keep going with the original onslaught of remarks depending on the situation. At first I wasn’t too sure what to think about it, but I began to question whether she really was as bad as she made herself out to be.

Sure enough my suspicions were right, in fact I was entirely right. She was mostly playing the role of a narcissist, but I still didn’t quite understand, why? In the end it was very simple, the entertainment world definitely prefers someone who is fun to watch and listen to, and although many of Sayu’s comments could be deemed mean or hurtful it was obvious that she was really thinking about what she uttered so they weren’t too painful so people didn’t take it seriously. In fact after saying one of those “Shige mean” comments she seemed to leave it open so that others could react. By becoming, arguably, the most famous variety show ace of Morning Musume, she made sure to raise the name of Morning Musume as high up as she could. Even if people came to hate her, as long as they have heard of Morning Musume she didn’t mind it. And truthfully that is what made her so endearing. She didn’t mind getting hated as long as the group was to prosper. Truly a woman worthy of my love.

She truly is the perfect women in my eyes; cute, smart, and nice (believe it or not). Not only that but her code of honor and respect for the group and members is absolutely alluring. She definitely deserved to be the last leader of the Platinum Era and Sixth Generation.

Her beauty is just so … I can’t even comprehend how she could be blessed so much, and what makes her even more amazing is that she seems so humble (this is something I really like about Morning Musume, despite being so famous they don’t act stuck up and feel like they are better than everyone). What I specially like about her appearance is her long black hair, it just seems so natural that she kept it like that. I seriously can’t imagine her any other way. I’ve seen her with wigs of other colors but black was definitely better. And I’m glad she herself took note of that. Speaking of notes, I remember her talking about doing self study sessions of what she could do to improve whenever she made tv appearances to not embarrass the rest of the group, having heard that I just absolutely gained another level of respect and love for her.

In any case.
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Happy Birthday.

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