Inktober 2020 09 Throw Saki and Saten Kendama

Today I accidently matched with the prompt for today, I didn’t even notice it till I was about to upload it.
Anyway, these past few weeks Saki has been posting videos of her practicing with her Kendama. Meanwhile in To Aru Kagaku no Railgun they finally covered the Indian Poker arc (this season was amazing, kind of a shame that they sort of messed up Index though). I wanted to have them do perhaps some more dynamic moves but I think one where they match each other and are both just chilling and enjoying their Kendama. Time is a bit limited till I finish those three essays so I will have to leave this piece in it’s line art state for now. I’ve been wanting to actually do some more drawings of both Saki and Saten so this was a good excuse to finally do it. More drawings of Misaka’s wingman and Captain will come in the future of course.

Hasta la proxima,


Neo-Geo Land Miss X and Athena

This is the final piece all finally composited together. Making the background sure did take a while. It was all done using Copics. Copics are great but they do have their limitations and require quite a bit of steps in order to have them work the way I want them to. And since covering large areas takes a lot of ink it can be quite an expensive medium. But I wanted to see if I could get a handle on colors and values using nothing but the Copics.

I had to think a good bit about what I wanted the background to be but since I was going for a yanki theme I figured having them in the arcade setting would fit well. I was considering having Athena carrying a bat but decided against that for this one (maybe on another piece sometime in the future). Once I did finish the background I did have to calibrate the colors digitally and also clean up some of the forground objects so that I could place Athena and Miss X behind them. Once I did do that I went ahead and fixed their values so that they fit in with the background and then also added some shadows. 

The final piece:

Reference picture used:

Background process:

Digital process:

Hope you guys like it.

Hasta la proxima,


Athena Asamiya 2nd part of the Miss X project

Last time I drew Miss X and during the time after that I went ahead and fixed some of the issues I had such as the really small feet and also added some more colors and played around with the values.

I’ve seen some artwork online of Miss X and Athena together as a team, kind of like if they were yankees. So the project will be something based on that.

For Athena’s design I wanted to draw her in her school uniform that has the long skirt so she looks even more like a yankee. So I used her design from King of Fighters 94. I really love Athena’s design and her fighting style. She is actually one of my mains.

This is the final drawing:

These are the references used:

These are screenshots I took from the game.

And these are from the official artworks:

This is the process:

Now all that is left is the background.

That’s it for now.

Hasta la proxima,


Miss X

I learned about Miss X a couple of year ago when I was looking at videos about the history of the King of Fighters. They briefly talked about SNK Gals where Miss X appeared. And now she… he? has appeared once again with the announcement for SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. I haven’t bought the game but it might be a good idea to do so just for the character model viewer. Though I’m tempted to get their special edition version… (≧д≦ヾ) Luckily I can record the things with the PS4 but I do wonder how well the quality would be.

Anyway I wanted to draw Miss X. After I was looking at the finished drawing, I noticed I made the feet too small so I will have to edit that digitally when I use it for the overall project I have in mind (more on that as it all comes together). Some of my Copics such as the darker purple I wanted to use ran out and I don’t have a refill bottle yet so it was a bit tough trying to get some of the shadows. Maybe I should have added some more values but that would have surely messed up the color scheme withe the colors I had (aside from the Copic that ran out).

This is the drawing done using Stabilo pens and Copic markers:

I wanted a rather dynamic pose (though those feet look so small…)

References used:

And this is the process:

This project will have more parts to it so look forward to it.

Hasta la proxima,