Rei Hino Sweater outfit

I’ve been focusing on just trying to work with color, but it seems that my poses have been a little to stiff and static. This was brought to my attention by my brother. With that in mind, I think it might not be a bad idea to work with poses that are in motion or at the very least interesting. I’ve been having the urge to paint Rei Hino for some time now. So last Friday I finally decided to do so. It snowed quite hard so I chose an outfit fit the weather. Funnily enough, today it started snowing again. I also wanted to try out a more vibrant coloring style for the hair because I really liked the way it looked on this painting of Sayu I made and a reference of Sailor Saturn that was painted by @666pigeon

Pose reference:

Outfit reference:

Rei Hino reference:

Color reference:

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Rei Sailor Moon redraw

My brother told me about this redraw challenge for Sailor Moon. It seems that people are mainly focusing on on a certain screenshot. But I wanted to change it up a bit, which others have done as well. I would say that Rei is my favourite of the sailor members so I wanted to paint her. I really like the aesthetic of her in the pink overalls so I chose that scene. Background wasn’t too much of a problem but I painting Rei did take a good amount of time. Though since I wasn’t using other references as I painted her had me processing every step.

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XERO DRAWING – Sailor Mars The Calm Flame Warrior

Time spent: hours 8 minutes 03
Materials used: Sakura 0.7 mechanical pencil, Faber Castell Perfection 7056 pencil eraser, eraser,
Sakura Pigma Micron set Black,
Uniball Sigmo White, Black
Sakura Moonlight gellyroll: Yellow, Red pink, Orange
Copic Markers: Y11, Y15, Y17, Y21, Y26, Y28, YR04, YR09, YR68, R08, R27, R29, C1, C3, C5, C7, W1, W3, W5, W7, G21, G28, BG18, V01, V15, V17, 0, E00, 100

So we are now on the third Sailor senshi, two more to go. From what I have seen so far, Rei Hino is definitely my favorite one. What is interesting is that they changed her personality a lot on the original anime from the one in the manga which I find a bit weird. But from what I have seen so far, this one seems to be more like the manga Rei which is more to my liking. Here powers are cooler too, specially since she already had spiritual powers to begin with.

Now for the drawing. I wanted to change things a bit more for this one. I wanted Rei to be a bit more like a Yamato Nadeshiko. So I made sure to not add much indication of eyelashes. And also change the shape of the eyes a bit. And truthfully, it worked out. She came out even better than I expected. One thing that I did sort of messed up are her eyes. I made them purple, but I was reading that they turned red when she was in her senshi form. But oh well. I really like her purple eyes. They blend really well with her long dark hair.

What do you guys think?