Ranma in the Sunset

Line art from inktober 2021 day 3.

I wasn’t too sure what to do with the background, but as I was looking through my screenshot references I came upon a couple of a sunset that I wanted to replicate.

Reference here:

I was wondering whether to change the colors of the outfit from the reference of Kyôko Koizumi:

But I quite liked this color combination so I decided to keep it. As for the color of the sneakers, I was playing around with the idea of various colors like purple but I ended up with this black accent ones.

Hasta la proxima,


Domon Winter

It surprisingly didn’t take me too long to paint Shining Gundam and Domon, along with their reflections and snow. Checking mountains in parts of Japan, there are actually quite a lot of types of shapes. Including the pointy ones that are common where I’m currently at. So I just modified them a bit.

Shining Gundam was the main focus and what took the longest for this segment of the painting. The main form and base colors were easy to choose From there I tried to make out the form to showcase the most prominent forms. But since I wanted to emphasize that the Gundam is far away, I made sure to use more muted colors and as little value changes as I thought were needed. Then came the snow. I felt a bit bad about covering some areas with snow and water, but I feel that really ties it all together. As for the reflections I used the same techniques as with the torii, but I made sure to add highlights to create waves moving away from Shining Gundam as it rises up.

There were a couple of ideas about where to place Domon. Walking in the frozen ground, atop a small boat or standing on the torii. But ultimately I came upon the idea to have him leaping towards it. This I feel really fits the fantastical elements of G Gundam after all.

I made two versions, one where it’s all quiet and peaceful and another where snow is falling. Although I do like the snow, I think it looks better where it isn’t present.

Hasta la proxima,


Work in Progress I D Mountains

I’m currently working on a new painting before I try to make one or two for Valentines. I’ve actually been planning to make a painting of this sort for… damn. A couple of years now. I’m surprised it took me this long to finally give it a shot. The background is mostly done. I’m actually quite a bit ahead of this but I quite like the atmosphere of where the painting is at this point. Although I can render the painting further, I wonder if that will detract from the focal subjects. So for now, I will leave it mostly as it is.

This is the reference photo of the background, modified to have snow of course:

I just did an image search to find the original creator and it seems to be from a photo manipulator that put different assets together to create this. I found it strange that the pine trees and mountains looked somewhat Western. Now I know why.

With that in mind, I will go back and edit a couple of the trees so that they fit Japanese ones. Among other changes. I wonder if there is a place in Japan that will actually fit this scenery?

The Toori is actually painted already, along with the reflection. I’m surprised at how easy it was to emulate. You guys will have to wait till next time to be the judges though. Luckily I won’t have to edit that part of the painting.

Hasta la proxima,


Winter landscape

This is a painting that I did for an entry to the Corel “WINTER LANDSCAPES PHOTO AND ART CONTEST”. Which can be found here: https://learn.corel.com/contest/winter-landscapes-photo-and-art-contest/#rules-and-resources

This will make the second contest I enter this year, and there are two more contests that I’m aiming to enter next.

A painting using the tapered oil brush for the whole of the painting except for the sun and it’s rays in which I used the digital airbrush and the effect to add lighting. The scene it self is of a mountain trail in Colorado that I visited about a little over a year ago I believe. I was aiming to end this in one day but it ended up spilling into a second day.

Hasta la proxima,