Surface Pro 7 1st Test

Still not much spare time this week, although I finished the hardest parts of my home project. The rest should be a bit more straight forward and hopefully will go much faster. If that does happen I should have more time to draw and paint.

On another note, my brother needed a laptop so I sold him my previous Surface Pro 5. This meant that I could finally upgrade to a newer model. I ended up on the pro 7 with an i7 and 16 gb of ram. A good improvement in all aspects overall. I just got it today and had a few hours at the end of today to try it out. So far so good, here is a quick sketch that I did freehand.

Surface Pro 7 1st Test

Hasta la proxima,


Chipmunk from Crater Lake Line Art

I got a sprained ankle from the last hike I did so I decided to just sit at the top of Crater Lake instead of hiking around the trails. While I was eating some corn nuts, three pieces fell on the ground. Which was a bummer, but I decided to just pick them up when I finished eating what was left in the bag when about 30 minutes later a chipmunk appeared and was eyeing me as he approached closer and closer. This was a picture of him trying out one of the corn nuts.

Hasta la proxima,