Ski Smile Momochi Watercolor

I finally finished making my new lightbox so I can now transfer line art as many times as I want so that I can practice more traditional styles.

Since I want to use my lightbox but don’t like having to move everything over and over again, I think it’s time that I finally make the lightbox that will fit in the desk opening. For that, I will scavenge the light and parts of my old lightbox. It took me a couple of hours but it was worth it.

This painting was done using my Holbein Watercolors. I like that I can play around with the opaqueness and vibrancy of the colors. But it’s obvious that I need to practice more. As I was painting I noticed that Momochi’s left (to our right) eye was misaligned. So when I was done painting I modified it digitally. I was going to leave the background blank but decided to add some blue brush strokes to emphasize the cold temperatures.

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Ski Smile Momochi pencil Line Art

For this drawing I used a watercolor paper. There is an artist that I watch on Youtube named Alpay Efe:

I want to try using the brushstrokes and colors that Alpay uses. They are amazing. But I also want to do ink drawings… Meaning that it would be a great if I transferred my line art to another paper. This calls for the use of a lightbox.

So I have a lightbox I built quite a while ago, but it takes a lot of space. It no longer works with my current setup. But, the desk I built has a place left open so that I would slide in a lightbox but I never built it. I think it might be time I scavenge the lights and built a smaller version that can dock into my desk.

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2022 Miyabi Line art

There’s this artist named Criisalys that I really like. I’ve seen the art a while ago being used by Macross 82-99. I’m surprised it took me this long to find the actual artists Twitter and Instagram. It can be found here:

I want to try out this style. The model for this will be the beautiful Miyabi Natsuyaki. There are always great reference photos to choose from, but ended up going with this one:

I really like this look, it’s very Aesthetic and would fit with the coloring style I’m trying to emulate.

One other notable thing to mention has to do with my new Xp-Pen tablet/monitor. So I have a set up of multiple monitors and have now added monitor profiles to switch some of them off. This has the added effect though that some of my windows get scrambled, including what monitor is selected for my Xp-Pen. But I noticed that I could move the cursor on other monitors. Today I decided to try it out and it works great (I was cleaning up the drawing). There doesn’t seem to be pressure though… but for simple and quick fixes/painting this works out great.

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Queen Miyabi hatched

For the painting of Miyabi in her maid outfit I used a couple of references for the pose, one of them happened to be of Miyabi in her outfit for the Hello Project Winter 2019 Concert. I really loved the pose, the dress and the crown working together to make Miyabi look so beautiful. This time I wanted to hatch and cross hatch. The line art itself was done with my g pen and the hatching was done with my maru pen.

reference used (3rd photo):

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Miyabi Natsuyaki Birthday 2021

Happy birthday Miyabi!

Time has been a bit short lately, but I somehow managed to paint a piece in time (at least in my location) for Miyabi’s birthday. This time I’m trying out a new oil brush in photoshop from the dry oil brushes by Martina Palazzese. I quite like the texture it gives, especially to the line art. Hopefully I’ll have a bit more time to play around with it on my next painting.

I quite liked the outfit Miyabi showed on her instagram and the one Peace wore on another picture. So I decided to combine them.



Because of the lack of time today, I went with a flatter coloring style which I want to practice more and get better at. One artist whom I really look up to in this regard is Takato Yamamoto. You can see his work here:

It seems his style is called “Heisei estheticism”, sound freakin awesome.

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Corel Painter 2021 Contest entry

My entry to the Corel Painter 2021 art contest. They had three categories; Illustration, Fine Arts and Photo Art. I guess this most closely resembles the fine art category so that’s what I ended up choosing.

The painting itself was done almost entirely with just the oily bristle brush except in some sections where I used the flat color brush but very rarely in some sections to try out working with some really dark sections. As it turn out, once we reach a certain amount of darkness, the brush doesn’t blend any more and whatever tint is used works in rather weird ways. It was quite an interesting thing to find out. But I gotta say, now I know why old classical artist used a black or really dark background. The colors used on the subject pop out much more and it makes it much easier to manipulate the values.

The subject is my dog. A couple of years ago now he had a bit of an accident and had to have one of those dog cones. Somehow he looked like he was wearing a ruff collar and looked very dignified. So ever since then, I decided that whenever I felt I was good enough I would paint him like he was royalty. Looking online it seems that this isn’t a novel idea although they are focused more on making parody paintings of actual paintings. For mine, I wanted my dog to actually be a dog wearing royal clothes that drape over him.

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