Sayumi Pokemon Version Blue

This is based on a photo where Sayu is with an undisclosed friend, perhaps Kamei Eri… one can only hope. I decided to make a pixel art version using Pro Motion NG.

Reference used (was in a story so don’t have a link to Sayu’s account):

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Sayumi Michishige Pokemon Trainer II

This was a second try at using Hiros’ ( siiteiebahiro ) style. I wanted to try painting it with Copics and then give it another try digitally with Corel Painter. I used a picture from Sayu’s Instagram as a reference then modified it to have her holding a Pokeball (it’s the third photo in this post).

Awesome, seems like I can post Instagram posts here directly!

Here is are my attempts:

This is the version done using Copic markers.

I used the fully inked drawing from above and faded it so that I could digitally paint over it. I debated over what to put in the background but decided to keep it simple and practice merging the focal point and the background together at some point in the future.

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Another year of Life 2019 and Sayu as a Pokemon Trainer

Time is flying by quite fast. Looking back I have been quite busy this year. I’ve also invested in more art supplies. They were definitely worth it, I just hope I have more of a chance to practice using them on this new year. Luckily I have taken cared of the hardest and most time consuming parts left for this year. So fingers crossed that I’ll have more time to create and experiment on new art pieces.

I somehow managed to make it through Inktober despite it all. I think I have gotten a bit quicker when drawing. I’ve also noticed that I can make poses from my mind and it also happens to be much faster. I do have to work more on color though. so I will be using some of the ink drawings and coloring them.

Here is a piece I drew just for today.

And I will begin uploading the latest pieces I have been working on over the past year.

I’ll start with a drawing I did of Sayumi as a pokemon trainer. I first drew it then after I scanned it I printed different copies so that I could try out different styles. This one was done with Copics using Hiro’s ( siiteiebahiro ) style.

Originally drawn on 6/6/19 and painted on 6/11/19.

Feliz Dia de los Muertos.

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