Jackie Chan vs Dick Wei

line art:


Line art originally drawn for Inktober 2022 day 12. The original drawing wasn’t showing the movement and power of Jackie and Wei’s fight so I made some slight changes. Can you guys tell what they were?

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Kimono Muscle Girl drawing 2

It’s been a while since I last worked and uploaded one of the three drawings (inked) of Michiko Nishiwaki from the movie My Lucky Stars. Once I learned how inking works, I can just jump in and draw without much thought. Even more so doing it digitally since I can undo any sections that I don’t think quite work. It’s actually quite therapeutic.

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Kimono Muscle Girl Line Arts

References used for these drawings were screenshots from the movie “My Lucky Stars”. A movie by Sammo Hung with co actor Jackie Chan as part of a trilogy. The actress depicted is Michiko Nishiwaki who plays a rather memerable role for the finally of the movie.

I’m sure some of you have seen this gif:


It comes from the movie in question. My drawings are just moments before the scene where this gif happens.

Will talk more when I upload the progress in the future.

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