Airi Suzuki 2022 Birthday

Happy Birthday Airi!

I really love her solo music, I’m so glad others agree and her popularity has been increasing.

I’m quite late doing this painting but I have been quite busy lately. I also didn’t want to do a subpar painting either. I used references of her birthday pictures (from her instagram) for this painting. Her photos are always so fun. Surprisingly the balloons were not hard to paint at all. It was Airi that I felt I couldn’t get right.

Hasta la proxima,


Gengar Starry Sky

I tried doing another piece using photographs as the “paint”. My brother actually suggested I made one with Gengar when he showed me that photo I mentioned before (when I made Lynn Minmey). Also here is the artist and the picture I mentioned name is kotetsu_of  (link will take you to the artists instagram).

I’ve always been a fan of this Pokemon and it’s previous evolutions.


With that said here is the finished piece:

Without a background:

Here are the photos used and reference:

Photos obtained from

Milkyway by kendall hoopes

Purple/Pink starry sky by Luck Galindo

star clouds and also the full moon by Pixabay


Here is the drawing process:

Digital process:

Hasta la proxima,





Obscurus 2019

I’ve been developing ideas for a story I wish to create. One of the things I did come up with right away were designs for characters, starting of course with the main character. Looking back on my notes about the story it self, well… it’s quite embarrassing. (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)

I’m kinda glad I was just writing notes all these years. Now that I have a bit more experience in life, art and stories which I deem good and bad I feel I can make a much better and interesting story. Some of the main ideas will remain but a good number of them will be either axed or used as a joke. More detail on this later.

Any way here is the main character Obscurus Nube (his name was at one point Nube Obscura) (will say more about what kind of character he is at a later date):

I feel his hair is a bit too big, will have to try a couple more versions till I decide on the final design. Decided to take off his necktie but overall his design remained the same. This was the original drawing I did in 2011 I believe.

I drew it traditionally first, inked and then scanned and edited digitally.

Here are the files I used to create the background. Wasn’t sure what to put for the background so I was just playing around till I noticed some things looking good and after some more editing I came up with the final piece.

And here is the process:

I want this character to be connected to the motif of the Moon (as for why I will talk about it later).

Hasta la proxima,


How to Draw Challenge – Iron man riding a nine-tail fox

request by: 1993KINGoo
This one really gave me a headache. It just had too many details I had to take care of… But anyway here it is. It was requested that I draw Iron man riding a nine tail fox with cup of tea and wearing a top hat. The background would consist of them being on the moon with cherry blossoms on the background. And so that is what I did…

Hope you enjoy it,