Mikoto Misakas and Tsuyu Asui

I’m sorry that it is a bit too light but hopefully you can see it.

It took me a while to start this piece due to some things I had to take care of and me actually going out to see Colorado. But now that I have actually finished that I can continue and finally finish it. Here are two updates. Although I plan to make this simple so it shouldn’t take too long to finish it.

Misaka's dream I resizeMisaka's dream II resize

Ideas and rough drafts for the next projects

I have quite a couple of projects I will be working on, the matter now is how long it will take… I have three different pieces I have in mind but for now here are two rough drafts.


The first is a drawing of Kaname and Messer from Macross Delta. Based on episode 10, but after seeing episode 11 I decided to change things. Especifically for Kaname.

If you haven’t seen the series skip the next part.


I had hoped that there was more interaction between Messer and Kaname but in the end it all turned out to be one-sided huh? But in the end it at least managed to inspire and light a fire in Kaname (as well as everyone else) to be more assertive and increase one’s ambitions to be better at what they do.

(spoilers END)

Overall I think I will only use watercolors for this piece… we’ll see.

Kaname and messer

Now for the next one I decided to do a Boku no Hero Academia drawing. Truthfully this series is amazing, easily made it to one of my favorites (if you haven’t read or seen it, please do, it’s an amazing series). Anyway, all the characters are likable and very unique. One of my favorite characters (although to be blunt almost all the characters are) is Tsuyu Asui. It really didn’t take long for an idea to pop into my mind as for what I wanted to draw. If any of you guys have been checking this page and my work for a while then you all might know that I am a big fan of the To Aru series. So of course a crossover drawing becomes logical. It’s a bit rough but here you go.

Tsuyu and Misak, Last Order and Sister

The idea is there now. Getting an idea and looking for information and references for details takes quite a bit of time, but now that that has been done, hopefully the final drawings go without a hitch.

Hasta la proxima,


To Aru Majutsu no Index Project Update II

I’ve finally finished the final drawing for the To Aru Majutsu No Index drawing. I had to change a couple of things and add a couple of other details. I have to be very careful drawing this because otherwise I will leave indentations on the paper which in turn will ruin the drawing as a whole. So of course the process takes a bit longer and requires quite a bit of effort. But now that it is drawn, I can finally start coloring it. I will get back to you guys soon when I have that ready.

Misaka and Touma I resize Misaka and Touma II resize