Luffy Onward

Just to change it up a bit let’s draw a guy this time, and let’s try a new angle (as advised by my younger brother). For this drawing I decided try out a new technique I saw a couple of years ago. This I believe is what they call foreshortening. It worked amazingly well so that I could draw out Luffy’s arm and finger pointing at us. When I finished drawing I then shaded the drawing by using ink and brush. Now Luffy is ready to move forward and become the king of the pirates.

Hasta la proxima,


Luffy vs. Natsu while Naruto observes

So here we have another drawing for another contest that popped up. I want to say thanks to LittleBabyDollxx for giving me the info otherwise i wouldn’t even have known about it.

The theme revolved around the usage of three characters each from one of these series; One Piece (definitely one of my all time favorites), Fairy Tail (Hiro Mashima has not disappointed me yet, I became a fan from his last work Rave Master), and Naruto.

I decided to make it revolve as a battle, but because I only really know about Luffy and Natsu (I did not really get into Naruto when I read a couple of volumes, maybe I’ll give it another chance sometime in the future) I put Naruto as kind of filler. The back story goes something like this; Luffy and Natsu want to find out who is strongest and prove themselves to their respective comrades and the world, while Naruto fought some strong foe (I’ll let you guys use your knowledge and imagination to come up with someone) and won, but still got battle scarred. As he lay on the beach he was to witness an amazing battle by two of the worlds strongest warriors.

Personally I think the drawing looks much better without a background. Reason being that I felt I rushed the beach a bit too much and thus sacrificed a lot of the details. I don’t feel it looks too bad, but it does not meld well with the three figures. I would have to add some color to the lighting that touch Luffy, Natsu and Naruto so that they looked natural. But seeing as I only had one day to work on it, and if I added such details I would lose time and maybe not get the chance to turn something in. Although incomplete this piece should be sufficient (or so I hope).

Hope you enjoy it,