Bowsette looking down V2

2023 version:

2019 version:

…. I’ve been kneecapped by my line art…

Because of my painting style using my ink line art doesn’t work well together. And because I was trying to work around it, I kept getting the hues and values wrong. Well, that and brute forcing my growth by trying to paint as fast as possible. Color theory is tough. Unless I want to paint in flat colors, keeping my line art was doing me a disservice.

Today’s painting is of Bowsette, originally painted back in 2019. This time I wanted to draw Bowsette’s whole body. I remember skipping her feet because it would have been a bit tougher, so painting them this time would showcase a growth in my skills. Having only Bowsette looked a bit lonely though, so I added Mario in this Re:do. But that also felt a bit lonely so I debated on whether to add some of that fire I had in my original painting. Depending on how much fire I added though I would be covering up some of my background so I was a bit apprehensive. Adding it was the right move though.

It’s annoying because now that I have done a couple of more paintings I see more things I can change and do differently. Maybe some other time.

Hasta la proxima,