Playful Chizuru Kagura

This is the painted version of the drawing I made for Inktober 2021 day 04. I still wonder if I should have changed Chizuru’s expression to that of a more serious one. But surely she has fun playing around with Iori and Kyo.

Line art can be seen here:

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Athena Asamiya Idol V2

The original version was uploaded back in November 2020, but I feel that it was lacking. I now feel a bit more confident to go back to it and update it with my current skills. Not only did I change some colors but I changed the sleeves and chest area. The background was also touched up. The right eye (what appears to us as the left eye) was drawn too far down the face so Athena looked a bit deformed. Aside from that, I also changed the gaze so it appeared that she was looking at us. I should seriously actually render paintings more, I’ve been leaving them too rough.

Original can be seen here:

Aside from seeing the original piece, you can learn what inspired me for this particular painting.

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Mr Karate and Ryo sparring

I wanted to make an action piece and after watching some Mr. Karate videos I found the subject. The background is a mixture of Takuma Sakazaki’s dojo and a dojo from the film “Fighter in the Wind” (a movie about Masutatsu Ōyama whom Takuma is based on). Really wanted to recreate the lighting coming from the windows.

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Inktober 2021 Day 04

Today is day four. While looking through my references I found a cover photo of Nakahara Meiko’s “Yakimochiyaki Rumba Boy”. In it she is wearing a blazer with the imposing shoulder pads which looks amazing. I quite like the style.

Photo of Meiko:

Those shoulder pads reminded me of Chizuru Kagura from the King of Fighters. I really like her style and strong aesthetic. I’m surprised it took me this long to finally draw her.

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Athena Asamiya Idol

This drawing was originally drawn on the second day of Inktober 2020 which can be found here:

When it came to painting Athena I was imagining some colors I had seen in what I think was a promotional video of Sonoko Kawai. But when I was trying to find that video I failed. More than likely it got deleted or it might have been someone else but I’m pretty sure it was Sonoko. This is one of the reasons I have started to just back up any videos that I like and that interest me.
With that option out of the question I remembered I had some JR Christmas commercials that had similar colors to what I wanted. I ended up using the commercial featuring Eri Fukatsu. Getting the skin tone correctly took a couple of tries since I hadn’t used it before. I should definitely play around with such lighting more.

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K’ Copic

For todays’s piece I decided to color K’ with Copics, but this time with a background. I really wanted to make a piece with the raining stage in King of Fighters 99. As I was working on it I decided to have some empty spaces so that the piece would look a bit more interesting. The drawing of K’ was originally done for Inktober 2018 day 10. But I didn’t use the same piece. I transferred the original drawing to a new watercolor paper by using my lightbox. As for the background I wanted to give just painting it a try without any lineart. It worked alright but I think I would be able to have a better color selection using watercolors. Copics are cool but they are really limited by the colors one owns and the ink that one has.

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Inktober 2018 #11 Athena Asamiya

Started really late so not much time, need to get to sleep soon. But here is a quick drawing of Athena Asamiya from King of Fighters 99′.  She was another one of the characters that I really liked/like using.

This is the piece, no shading just the outline this time:


Looks really rough and unfinished, but that’s alright.

I used both these as the references:


Athena Asamiya game grabs


Here is the process:












A shame I didn’t finish it, but those are the struggles. I will explain what took so much of my time tomorrow.

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Inktober 2018 #10 K’

SNK and the King of Fighters are by far my favorite fighting games, and I always felt that they had the better designs compared to their competitor Street Fighters. Man, King of Fighters. It just brings back memories from my childhood. I started with the Art of Fighting on my Super Nintendo. It was one of my favorite games that I played with my brothers back then. Then I later learned and played the King of Fighters (and of course Metal Slug) on the arcade machines that some people had in their houses or in the small shops. Those were some fun times (though it did eat up my coins).

Later when I was in fifth grade I had a friend who owned a Playstation and got to play the King of Fighters 99. This is the game I have the most fond memories of. That’s also where I learned about my favorite King of Fighters character K’. He has such a cool design and at the time it was quite uncommon to see a character with brown skin, which was a big deal for me at the time. Of course we (my brother, my friends and myself) all wanted him to be Mexican and since he had a mysterious background we used that as an excuse to make him so (in our minds). He had such a cool design with his white hair with his cool fire arm. His fighting style was also pretty cool, the way he walked and his moves, then there was the one inch punch… Point is I really liked using him, even if I sucked at using his move set.

This is the final drawing:








I’m thinking of using this smaller nib (I believe it’s a maru nib) to work with the shading and see if that makes it faster and easier than using the G nib. I can control it, but it’s all up to pen as to whether it releases the ink the way I want or it doesn’t jump as I shade.

I decided to give myself a bit of a challenge so I  used a gif which kept moving so I had to really pay attention and remember what I wanted to draw. I believe this is from King of Fighters 99′:


Here is the process:










His face looks too clean, nice, kiddy, I don’t know. But I will fix that with the shading later.
















All was going well, then I made a dumb mistake when I placed my hand on K’s arm and smudged  the paper next to his leg. Somehow that smudge looks cool to me though.
















That’s it for now.

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