Yusuke walking REdo WIP

Picture below is of the old version, the one above is the new and edited one as of now.

As a bonus here is an almost finished version before I decided to edite Yusuke’s head because I noticed how huge it was in proportion to his body.

I have currently been quite busy with a home project that has been eating up my time as of late so I don’t have as much time to draw or paint currently. But here is an update regarding another painting that I am redoing. There were quite a few problems with the proportions and certain details that I need to add or modify. Unlike most times, the background has not been done first. That will be a future update and in time I will decide on what I will plan to do regarding Yusuke.

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Rin Shima Freezing

Originally drawn for Inktober 2022 day 23.

I had to modify some of the lineart but for the most part it all worked out. I know the anime uses blue hair, but I quite like the more purple hue she has in the manga illustrations. the outfit and colors I got from a figure of Rin on her Yamaha Vino. It really helped out a lot.


Hasta la proxima,


Cyber Oni

There’s a new brush that I wanted to try out an ink brush that has translucence. This reacts a lot like real ink. With colors, it should work a lot like watercolors so that I can glaze and paint in layers. For now I just wanted to practice with it. In the middle of painting I noticed that I was pressing down really hard. Then I noticed that I hadn’t calibrated the tablets pressure sensitivity properly. Putting it at a lighter setting is night and day. As for the brush it self, I really like it. This will definitely become one of my new favorite brushes that I will be using.

The oni girl is from this photo:

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Ski Pose Momochi Inked

For the Momochi Pose line art I decided to ink it and hatch it.

Yesterday I went to Meow Wolf. Inside was an art display by Future Fantasy Delight. The black and white art really popped and looked amazing. It was obvious that the artist had a lot of inspiration of anime/manga and Mexican culture (such as with the Mijo Miho character). I really need to make more black and white drawings.

There were a couple of areas that I did have to edit digitally and other areas that I had to clean up. Cheap Paper is cool to practice with, but I should seriously stop using it with my dip pens. The sharp tips lift up a lot of of the paper fibers. The areas that I inked were done using a brush. One thing I don’t like when I scan my artwork is that the light from the scanner exaggerates the dimples/texture in the paper. To the point where it creates blank spots. This happens as well with watercolors. I wonder if this is why some artists prefer to photograph instead of scan.

Hasta la proxima,


Ski Smile Momochi Watercolor

I finally finished making my new lightbox so I can now transfer line art as many times as I want so that I can practice more traditional styles.

Since I want to use my lightbox but don’t like having to move everything over and over again, I think it’s time that I finally make the lightbox that will fit in the desk opening. For that, I will scavenge the light and parts of my old lightbox. It took me a couple of hours but it was worth it.

This painting was done using my Holbein Watercolors. I like that I can play around with the opaqueness and vibrancy of the colors. But it’s obvious that I need to practice more. As I was painting I noticed that Momochi’s left (to our right) eye was misaligned. So when I was done painting I modified it digitally. I was going to leave the background blank but decided to add some blue brush strokes to emphasize the cold temperatures.

Hasta la proxima,


Ski Smile Momochi pencil Line Art

For this drawing I used a watercolor paper. There is an artist that I watch on Youtube named Alpay Efe:


I want to try using the brushstrokes and colors that Alpay uses. They are amazing. But I also want to do ink drawings… Meaning that it would be a great if I transferred my line art to another paper. This calls for the use of a lightbox.

So I have a lightbox I built quite a while ago, but it takes a lot of space. It no longer works with my current setup. But, the desk I built has a place left open so that I would slide in a lightbox but I never built it. I think it might be time I scavenge the lights and built a smaller version that can dock into my desk.

Hasta la proxima,


Skiing Momochi pencil line art

Time was limited today so I drew a quick sketch. It has been snowing pretty consistently lately where I live, so I want to make more snow based artworks before we move into the spring season. This time I wanted to draw Momochi skiing from her time in Country Girls. She was really in her element it seemed when she was doing it in the DVD Magazine vol. 2. I wonder if she went skiing often?

I’m not sure what I will do with this line art. I could shade it with pencil, transfer it to another paper and paint it with watercolor or paint it digitally. We’ll see.

Hasta la proxima,


2022 Miyabi Line art

There’s this artist named Criisalys that I really like. I’ve seen the art a while ago being used by Macross 82-99. I’m surprised it took me this long to find the actual artists Twitter and Instagram. It can be found here:

I want to try out this style. The model for this will be the beautiful Miyabi Natsuyaki. There are always great reference photos to choose from, but ended up going with this one:

I really like this look, it’s very Aesthetic and would fit with the coloring style I’m trying to emulate.

One other notable thing to mention has to do with my new Xp-Pen tablet/monitor. So I have a set up of multiple monitors and have now added monitor profiles to switch some of them off. This has the added effect though that some of my windows get scrambled, including what monitor is selected for my Xp-Pen. But I noticed that I could move the cursor on other monitors. Today I decided to try it out and it works great (I was cleaning up the drawing). There doesn’t seem to be pressure though… but for simple and quick fixes/painting this works out great.

Hasta la proxima,


Goku Bulma Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year!

Feliz Año Nuevo!


Managed to finish it. Went for a more anime look. I didn’t quite like the way last years version looked. Looking at it again though, I’m feel it just needs to be refined and it can look much better.

In any case, I wanted to just draw from memory this time to come up with the scenario and poses. I wanted the poses to be a bit more interesting. I debated on whether to have Goku swing from the awning by his tail or hanging by the counter (I of course went with the counter idea). As for Bulma I decided to have her ordering some food. I went for a pose that made it look like she was fidgeting and moving about due to the cold. I went with her outfit she used when they first met Oolong. Which is freaking cool and iconic. I just modified her socks to tights due to the weather.

This year has been something, but I feel grateful that I can still keep going and making my art. Hopefully you guys are doing well. Not much we can do but keep pushing forward. Here’s to a better year. Thank you everyone who has continuously looked at my work and liked it. I hope I can make more art that will bring some positive emotions in the future.

Hasta la proxima,