Ryūko Matoi Beach Yuki Saito

Seeing as Kill la Kill was influenced by series like Sukeban Deka I wanted to make a painting depicting that connection. I also wanted to make as many summer paintings as I can before the season ends (finally). This is an homage to Yuki Saito’s photo. Which can be seen here.

Using references from the anime it self, I did have to make various changes to the body type and the hair a bit so that it would look more like Ryuko. Seriously, Ryuko has a tiny waist. As for the hair I wasn’t sure if I should have left it down or pull it up into a ponytail like in the reference photo. In the end I decided to try and figure out how it would look if Ryuko decided to put it up.

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Hidden Turtle in Monkey’s Eyes


I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I am a big Martial Arts movie fan. More specifically Hong Kong Kung Fu movies from the 80s and 90s. Jackie Chan movies being my favorites. So I wanted to try out making an homage poster like artwork. Now one of the other things I really love is the original Dragon Ball (when he was a kid, I say this because people think I mean Dragon Ball Z which was just ok). I want to talk about these two loves of mine a bit more, but I will have to wait on that because I am planning on covering these topics on future videos.

With that out of the way Inspiration came from the gag character Jacky Chun and my love for old Hong Kong films. I chose one of the first movies where sparks of what Jackie Chan would later present to the world, Drunken Master. A 1978 classic Martial Arts film. And since Dragon Ball has many martial arts influences including Drunken Master it would fit perfectly.

There are many poster variations but I ended up picking this one (which I feel might be the original poster).


I really like these old posters where they hand paint them and have really interesting themes and expressions.

This is the rough draft that I originally made while at an anime convention.

Drunken Master rough draft resize

These two are the basis of what I am working with, and next is the process. First are the pictures I took with my phone.


I used Copic Markers for coloring by the way.






























The title of the movie poster is done with a brush, so I wanted to do it traditonally. I measured the center and spaced out three spaces for the characters.


I also tried to emulate brush strokes for the characters.



And now some scans of the process.

Drunken Jackie Chun I resize

Drunken Jackie Chun II resize

Drunken Jackie Chun III resize

Drunken Jackie Chun IV resize

Drunken Jackie Chun V cropped resize

After painting on the title I was contemplating painting on the rest of the text. And well, I tried but soon realized to instead do it digitally.

Drunken Jackie Chun VI resize

I decided to make the text digitally because it would be alot cleaner, the text would be level and wouldn’t be crooked. On top of that, I was trying to have it ready for Nan Desu Kan.

Here is the original poster again:


And here is my finished version:

Hidden Turtle in Monkey's Eyes rough background resize 1080

I tried to emulate as close as I could all the text around the poster (as well as the background texture), I don’t know Chinese (though I did study a bit of it for a semester once, I obviously am nowhere near at the level where I can say I know a little or any really, just a couple of words and phrases) so I had to guess what each sections of the text would mean. For some of them I just added whatever I thought I could cram with references to me and my work.

Here is what each of the characters I typed means (I used Google translate to come up with the characters so it most likely has a lot of typos and misspelled words and phrases):

Hidden Turtle in Monkey's Eyes Meaning of Characters

That concludes the process for this Dragon Ball piece. Hope you enjoyed it and that it helped you on your art journey if even a little.

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