Happy Valentines Day 2019

Welp today was Valentines day so since I want to participate in the seasons holidays a bit more so that the years don’t feel so monotonous I of course made a drawing for today. I’ve been wanting to do a purely pen drawing this time. I also wanted to try out siiteiebahiro ‘s style for a while now. So I used this chance to give it a try. What’s funny is that as I was trying to find the link to Hiro’s twitter account I stumbled upon one of his videos where he showcases his inking process. Looking at it, it is obvious why they both look so different when it comes to the way the hair was inked. Having said that I’m glad I didn’t see it till after I was done so that I could compare both styles.

I used Airi Suzuki as a reference for this piece using a photo from her photobook “Aoiro”. I just changed some things  to make her in the manga style and having her hold a gift.

Here is the final piece:

References used:

Here is the process:

Hope you guys had a great day today.

Hasta la proxima,


How to Draw Challenge – Erza Scarlet (COLOR)

Request by: Killer1984able

I am happy to announce that for todays video we will be drawing, Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail a series that I truly enjoy reading. Erza definitely has what I look for in a women; strong, smart, brave, nice and not afraid to kick ass. Not to mention her amazing looks and proportions. One of my favorite things about her abilities are the forms she takes and the control of the swords (remind me alot of Kingdom Hearts, my all time favorite game series). I think that favorite form definitely has to be the “Heaven’s Wheel Armor”, in fact I was really tempted to draw her in that form. But I just couln’t help but fall for her in a maid costume. Which is how I drew her.

After looking for some references I noticed the anime version and renditions from fans when it came to the colors and designs were a bit different. But I liked the manga design since it had more details and I liked the coloring a fan did on one of Hiro Mashima’s drawings from the manga. I felt that the red in the skirt really brought the image out more than using more black or dark colors.

It’s kind of sad but you can’t really see all the quality of the drawing through the camera’s lens, it really looks much better when you look at it in person. Hopefully when I scan it, the image will showcase its true beauty (I’ll be posting some more of the drawings that I have drawn so far on my page).

Hope you enjoy it,