Inktober 2021 Day 01

I had completely forgotten about Inktober until I posted the first drawing today just by pure chance. Luckily drawing doesn’t take me that long anymore, so posting everyday shouldn’t be a problem despite my schedule.

To start off Day one of Inktober 2021, I decided to draw Tomoko and Kuroki from Watamote. Seems like they have been regulars every year. I just quite like their friendship, similarities and contrast in their personalities.

I really need to catch up on the latest chapters, I’ll probably do it tonight.

Have fun during this Inktober everyone!

Hasta la proxima,


Confident Futaki and Insecure Koharu

I’m quite enjoying these latest chapters of Watamote and the depth they are giving to the side characters. What was a greater surprise to me was that the attention was directed towards Futaki, aka Emoji mkII. I always liked when she would appear every once in a while so this better look at her character and how she takes gaming super seriously to the point of training is somehow super motivational. For those of us who have a passion we take seriously, this is very relatable. And of course, I’m glad that things are making Koharu Minami look deeper into her personality and her actions. Hopefully she will grow as a person and her relationships with people will truly be genuine.

I decided to paint a scene of them in the weight room since it’s both comical and also a special place for this odd pair-up.

Hasta la proxima,


Nishimura and Takada

I just started reading the manga “The Clueless Transfer Student Is Assertive”. It’s such a cute story that just makes me smile after every chapter. A positive manga like this is really good every once in a while. I really like the way Takada diffuses the bullying through his overly positive worldview. These type of characters that just speak their mind are kinda rare nowadays. So it’s really fun seeing Nishimura’s reactions every time. the artwork is made up of simple yet super cute elements. I really like the rounded faces and angular body. Something about that just works and reminds me of old school manga. It was really fun drawing it (and quite simple as well).

If you haven’t read it, give it a chance.

Hasta la proxima,


Inktober 2020 18 Yukino and Yui

Since were are past half way through this month, we are closer to Halloween now. I’ve been re-watching “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected”. I never got to finish it when it came out. So hopefully this time I actually get to finish it. I’m really enjoying it (currently in season 2). In season 1 episode 8, Yui and Yukino both dressed in cosplay. The costumes used are what I used for reference in this drawing.

Hasta la proxima,


Adventure Time Final UPDATE

It took quite a bit of work to finish, both with the actual drawing and the coloring that had to be done after. But I made sure to put in all the hours that I could into it so that I could get it finished by today. It was a fun drawing, I remember having a bit of a hard time deciding who to add to the drawing. I wanted to add the main characters for one, but that would be too little. So for that reason I started adding some extra characters so that it wasn’t too lonely but they were characters that I actually liked. Not like that tree trunks.

I wanted to add a bit of life to the party and have everyone doing their own thing. I have Finn and Flame Princess having a tender moment together. Jake being a pig eating all the bread but still being nice enough to share some with Lady. Cinnamon Bun being a dufus and falling while dancing (for some reason I really like this character) I have two characters kind of hidden and lurking in the shadows because they weren’t invited. The most obvious being Lumpy Space Princess. On top of the tree I have Peppermint Butler giving his creepy look as if he has some diabolical plan in motion. In the ground I have BMO dancing and having some fun. The scene I had the most fun doing was with the trio Marceline, Ice King and Princess Bubblegum. I had Ice King being the usual goofy weirdo he usually is by trying to dance with Princess Bubblegum, which if course annoyed and creeped her out (oh yeah I also placed Gunter by Ice King’s side). Meanwhile I had Marceline providing the music for the party while looking warmly at Ice King having fun (Marceline is my favorite character by the way, Ice King being somewhere in the top 3).

This was all colored with color pencils except the actual gang themselves. I colored them with Copics (since they are so small the Copics didn’t have a hard time coloring them despite many of them needing a refill). In some areas I went over with my pens to make some outlines. Bristol and PrismaColor go very well together. Now I just need to buy a blender so that I can make cleaner transitions between colors and areas that go from a color to completely white (meaning just the paper). What do you guys think?


Adventure Time - A Great Time with Friends

Adventure Time IV EDIT RESIZE
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