Piccolo and Pan Training

Quite liked the movie. I was weary of the cg animation, but it translated quite well. Aside from the opening animation of the Bee cam, that looked janky.

The connection between Piccolo and Pan was so adorable. I guess Piccolo is now a surrogate grandfather. Seriously, one would think that Gohan would have ended Goku’s absent father streak. But both have such tunnel vision trying to reach the pinnacle of their respective disciplines. Lucky for them they have Piccolo. I wonder if they have any other future adventures in whatever the follow up happens to be. If I remember correctly, at the end of Z Pan was rather attached to Goku. I wonder how that will happen seeing as Piccolo is acting more like a doting grandfather that is also training her.

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Ultra Instinct Goku

It’s been two years since we witnessed Goku’s ultra instinct (in animate form). I’m surprised it took me this long to actually make a painting. When it comes to Dragon Ball’s many forms, my favorite is Kaio Ken because it makes the usage of it a gamble and gives it stakes every time Goku uses it. Of course this was later replaced and pretty much forgotten when the Super Saiyan form was introduced. Luckily, during the run of Super it was brought back and paired up with Super Saiyan Blue. (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ

The second form that I really liked was Ultra Instinct. This brought it back more to fighting and not so much who has the most power. It’s a form that requires a state of mind more than anything so that the body can move on experience and instinct during a fight. Plus the mastered form looks really cool.

Reference for the pose and body:


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Goku vs Broly

About a week ago or so I got to see the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie in the theater. Out of all the Dragon Ball movies I have seen so far it is definitely my favorite. I didn’t really care much for Broly before (I mean sure he was strong and had cool powers but

┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ )

but I did like the way everything was connected with all the events up to this point. To think that someone stuck in one planet could have so much power to not only keep up with Super Saiyan blue but to far surpass it. Who knows how Broly would fare against ultra instinct but I’m guessing that they are setting things up to have Goku power up even further with Broly.

I liked that most of the fight with Broly was martial arts based, really hope they bring the focus on that again in the future. One other thing to note is that the artwork and painting was much better than not only the anime but also the last movies. The only complaint I have is the cg section which just didn’t look good and was really out of place when it happened. It was only for one section of the fight but it does make me wonder why they decided to so in the first place.

Final painting:


drawing process:

digital process:

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