How to Draw Challenge – Dante (COLOR)

request by: MrEndcraft

Devil may cry is a game I have had the urge to play and yet have still not had the chance to do so, which is kind of ridiculous if I really think about it. As soon as I have some spare money I am definitely purchasing the series (luckily the most of the games should have a big discount by now).

Despite not playing the games yet, I have taken notice of Dante and the Devil May Cry series. I have always thought that they looked extremely cool and interesting after I saw a friend playing the game, I believe it was the second one in the series. It was so long ago I do not remember clearly.

Anyway here is another drawing request and I truly hope you guys enjoy it. I really like the hairstyle Dante used when he was younger although that one strap that only covers his chest takes a bit to get used to. I’ve noticed that most of my request have red in them…

Hope you enjoy it,