Kodachi Kuno Swimsuit V2

Was planning on having this work with the remake contest on Pixiv but the dates didn’t align. Oh well.

Here is the final piece for this painting. Attached will be the old version. I changed quite a few things and also the posture. I painted based on my current memory. Overall I feel pretty good with the end result. Brute forcing the acquisition of skill takes time, but I’m now finally seeing some of the result of my training. Making colors more vibrant really helps make the painting pop more than just trying to mimic reference photos. I know that’s obvious but I wanted to understand why that is the case.

I used to have a tough time blending colors for the sky but using the blending tool makes that super easy. It’s kind of hilarious it took me this long to figure that out.

I just noticed looking at the old painting and the new one, but I flipped the hand position…

Hasta la proxima,


Bowsette looking down V2

2023 version:

2019 version:

…. I’ve been kneecapped by my line art…

Because of my painting style using my ink line art doesn’t work well together. And because I was trying to work around it, I kept getting the hues and values wrong. Well, that and brute forcing my growth by trying to paint as fast as possible. Color theory is tough. Unless I want to paint in flat colors, keeping my line art was doing me a disservice.

Today’s painting is of Bowsette, originally painted back in 2019. This time I wanted to draw Bowsette’s whole body. I remember skipping her feet because it would have been a bit tougher, so painting them this time would showcase a growth in my skills. Having only Bowsette looked a bit lonely though, so I added Mario in this Re:do. But that also felt a bit lonely so I debated on whether to add some of that fire I had in my original painting. Depending on how much fire I added though I would be covering up some of my background so I was a bit apprehensive. Adding it was the right move though.

It’s annoying because now that I have done a couple of more paintings I see more things I can change and do differently. Maybe some other time.

Hasta la proxima,


Shin Godzilla

I was wondering how I was going about when converting the black and white rough to color, but it was easier than I thought. First I changed the hue and then I made a quick and rough background. I wanted to add in the cityscape but as I kept painting I felt this minimalized background worked quite well. From there adding texture and colors to Godzilla was actually quite straightforward. At some point I felt having three versions of Godzilla in different stages of attack. While I was painting I felt the head and eyes were still derpy and wrong. So I had to make various edits including changing the eye position, size and shape as well as resizing Godzilla’s whole head.

While looking at Gozilla’s first beam attack, I notice a whole lot more details such as light particles appearing when preparing his beams. It’s a shame that we probably won’t be seeing more of Shin Godzilla. He overtook my favorite position from the 90s Godzilla.

Hasta la proxima,


Fubuki gust Screentone Color

This one was in the chamber for a while now. I’m also planning to paint it with another background. But I still haven’t decided what the scene will be. This time I wanted to try out color screen tone. But I went about it the wrong way. A future piece I finally learned the proper way of using Clip Studio and man has it been so much easier.

Color really hits different. Though black and white also has it’s charm.

Hasta la proxima,


Momochi visor

This time I opted to cover up my line art with colors that correspond to each section of the painting. I like it. This will be something I should just do from now on. I specially liked how I could blend better because of it. This was a great advantage when I was working with Momochi’s eyes and lips.

I’ve been quite busy lately with other things so I haven’t been drawing or painting as much. Hopefully I can get in the flow again soon. On another note, I noticed that Pixiv restarted my weekly upload combo. I guess it resets after the new year. Had I known that I would have taken note of it. But I guess if I do an uninterrupted combo this year I should be able to beat last years personal record.

Hasta la proxima,


Freezing Background WIP

This week has been something… Somehow I was able to make progress on this painting though. Here is the background for now. We have been having waves of strong winter storms lately where I live, and it seems like more are coming on the way. Winter this year has been living up to it’s name (and the end of the last).

I’ll upload the finished painting on Monday if all goes well.

Hasta la proxima,


Playful Chizuru Kagura V2

For today’s art piece I decided to give a past painting another try. Today I repainted Chizuru Kagura which I originally did on December 2021.

It can be seen here:

… Yeah, this drawing definitely needed a makeover. I removed the line art and instead softened the lines I painted. The eyes I resized and also softened Chizuru’s eyelashes.

Hasta la proxima,


Beginning of Autumn Fukuda Kanon

We are now officially in the Autumn season! To commemorate this, I decided to paint Fukuda Kanon. I really like her current Aesthetics. Her eyes are seriously beautiful. So I really wanted to convey that. I was contemplating whether to use the dress I painted or use a different outfit. But I seriously liked the design so ended up using it. If I could redo it again, I would have mismatched the segments like the real one. I think it has more character that way. For the compositiion of this painting I remembered I could make my life easier by photoshoping ideas together. This made it so much easier to have an idea of what I wanted.

These are some of the references I used for the dress:

I wonder if her collaboration group with Tamura Meimi will actually ever happen? It’s been a bit over a year since it was announced.

I will obviously paint Kanon again, there is this t shirt that Metamuse has recently released and Kanon looks so beautiful in it.

I have so many ideas I want to paint… I might have to upload three times a week. We’ll see.

Hasta la proxima,


It’s Hot – Kamijou Touma

We’re finally getting close to the end of the summer. The mornings are no longer freakin hot, now it’s usually cool before it begins to heat up. This drawing was a quick one i did when the heat was almost unbearable throughout the day and even night. I wanted to do a quick and simple drawing with a simple coloring scheme that I’ve seen from other artists.

I have one last summer painting for this year and will now begin doing some autumn artwork. October is also almost here, which means Inktober. This year I plan on making more finished drawings instead of just line art.

Hasta la proxima,


King K Rool Pirate

Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2 bring me a lot of nostalgia. I used to play them a lot when I was a kid. Nowadays I really like listening to the soundtracks when I’m painting. Seriously, everyone involved in these games were geniuses. The atmosphere really captures my imagination and is a mood. I want to do some more Donkey Kong paintings but for some reason I wanted to paing King K. Rool. His pirate attire is really cool. I’d say that it was because of this game that I even grew up liking pirates.

Hasta la proxima,


Kimono Tamura Meimi

I’m surprised I haven’t painted Meimi before. I had seen glimpses of her in Haro Pro shows when she was still a new member. But it wasn’t till I stumbled upon this music video that I became a fan:

Although at the time it was only the short edit version.

At first I was surprised to find out that she was no longer in S/mileage which I then found out was called Angerme. Then it was her voice. It’s much deeper and really strong. Seriously, her singing is amazing. Because of her I went back to check out S/mileage and Angerme’s discography. I’ve been missing out. But more about that at some later date.

Lately she’s been doing stage plays which I remember she said she loved and preferred doing. Hopefully she will continue her singing career because she’s definitely great at it, and I just want to hear new songs from her (selfish, I know).

Pictures are from her instagram, fromfrom the Rurouni Kenshin stage play. She portrays Sanjo Tsubame, the Akabeko errand girl.

I would link them to her account, but they have been erased (she seems to like deleting old content every once in a while).

But there is video of the performance (she appears at minute 1:19):

I don’t know which version I should go with, the more muted colors version which is the original or the more saturated version which I edited afterwards.

Hasta la proxima,