Kojiro vs Nezuko Soccer Battle

This is the painted version of the ink drawing I did a couple of days ago.

It can be seen here: https://darkcloudxero.com/2021/03/10/kojiro-vs-nezuko-soccer-battle-ink/

I had finished a prior version yesterday but decided to give it another look over this morning. I then started playing with the lighting and the background colors. Eventually I started adding textures which eventually reminded me of using Clip Studios burst functions to compliment the ink ones I had drawn beforehand. I then used the hardmix blending mode for my texture layer which gave it some interesting lighting effects that made the the shooting duel pop out that much more.

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Kojiro vs Nezuko Soccer Battle ink

I finally got the chance to see Demon Slayer about a month, a month and a half ago. On episode 10 Nezuko had a battle with a Kemari. It very quickly started to resemble Captain Tsubasa. There was even a scene where she was charging up a kick and it looked just like when Kojiro shoots his Tiger Shot. Drawn using a maru pen. At first I was going to have Kojiro in his Soccer uniform, but I felt his training outfit would look more flashy. Specially if it was open and flapping with the movement.

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Kojiro Hyuga working towards one’s dream

Many of the side characters in Captain Tsubasa could’ve been very generic stereotypes but I really do believe almost every single one of the main rivals that Tsubasa encouters are not only very interesting but interesting enough to be main characters in their own series. Truthfully I prefer almost every one of those rival characters to Tsubasa who I find to be really boring (but I guess that is usually the case with most protagonists of shonen series.

In any case, I have said it before and I will say it again. The best character is Hyuga Kojiro who very easily could have been that cool bad character that one loves to hate but is usually very one dimensional for most of the series until they decide to flesh them out. But instead they decided to show just how much of a hard worker Kojiro is and how selfless he is as well right from the start. Aside from his rather combative and harsh personality in the field, he is a person that one could look up to and admire. His life is not easy, as he has to support his family who is struggling financially by both working and taking care of his siblings. He not only does it but he understands the situation and doesn’t hold a grudge against anyone for his predicament. And finally, despite all that going on, he decides to continue doing what he loves and works towards his dream of being a soccer player. He truly is the antithesis of Tsubasa who was born a genius soccer player with a whole family who not only loves him, and has financial security but they also do everything they can to allow Tsubasa to pursue his dream of becoming a pro soccer player. One has everything given to him and the other has to struggle to achieve his goals.

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Drive Shoot vs Tiger Shoot Hyuga and Tsubasa

After working on the Nier piece I remembered how fun it was to draw using ink. I wanted to give the shooting battle between Hyuga’s tiger shot and Tsubasa’s drive shot a try. I drew Hyuga and Tsubasa using my g pen and maru pen then I added the power lines using Clip Studio. It took me a while to come up with the poses. If I were to redo it I would have Tsubasa bend his upper body further forward.

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Kojiro Hyuga Tiger Shot

Captain Tsubasa 2018 is over… Hopefully they will continue animating the rest of the story, it would be a shame if they stopped here. The fight between Hyuga and Tsubasa was really entertaining and really pumped me up as I watched it in the gym. When they revealed Hyuga’s Tiger shot I got goosebumps. They did a really good job to show the power and strength behind Hyuga’s shot. No question about it, Hyuga is definitely my favorite character of Captain Tsubasa.

I really like the aesthetic of giving the idea of power and movement by using hatching and rough lines, it really blends well together with color.

The final piece:

References used:


Digital (Coloring) Process (I used Krita first and then Photoshop):

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Hikaru Matsuyama true player

What I like about Matsuyama is that he truly is the counter character to Hyuga. While Hyuga started as a force all on his own, Matsuyama was a complete team player. On top of that they influenced each other quite a bit as the story progressed which allowed Hyuga to build up his team play and for Matsuyama to develop his individual play (which allowed him to go against ace players). But despite this, it’s obvious that Matsuyama just doesn’t have the heart to be cold blooded enough to win at any cost. I really liked the way he had to remind himself to be a bit rougher and not worry about Tsubasa’s injuries in the middle school arc. Yet despite this he still put his own body in the line so that Tsubasa wouldn’t injure his shoulder further. Truly a man among man.

I tried to start tapering off the details as I went further back with the background but I feel it would have been much easier doing it with water colors. I want to make a piece where I combine both. Copics are cool but one is limited by the colors one owns, and they are freakin expensive. … I wonder if I should have added a bit more color to the crowd, but I also didn’t want to add too much detail as well as muddy it up. I did learn a good bit after this piece so I will try it out on the next one.

Of course this piece is based on one of the most recent episodes:

References used:

The process:

They will finally cover Hyuga vs Tsubasa in the coming episodes. Can’t wait!

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This if for those of you who read these posts, I was actually working on a new piece for the day after Valentines day but some things happened and I had no choice but to postpone it. Here is a preview (will release it next year, probably):

Matsuyama Hikaru snow training shot

I’ve been watching Captain Tsubasa 2018 and let’s say that it has been an amazing experience. I have seen the original series when I was in Mexico and then I saw the Road to 2002 version while I was in middle school (I think, it was quite a while ago)? That version was just ok although I did like the voice actors but the art style is really not my style at all. This new version is actually quite amazing. At first I wasn’t too sure about it since they were changing somethings from the original version, but they were mainly done because it was after all a version that is taking place in this time period. It was also a bit weird seeing an anime that goes from the old coloration to the new really bright and vibrant one we have today. But it does look quite amazing. One of the things I really like is that as the series kept going the quality also increased and to top it off they were paying more homage to the original manga. The second opening is definitely my favorite out of all the versions that have been released throughout the years. Of course my favorite sections are when they go into an animated version of the manga panels having Hyuga and Tsubasa going at it.

It looks so cool (I wanted to incorporate some of those speed/power lines into my artwork). I really hope they release it on blue ray over here in the States:

In any case I have done a piece based on Hyuga already, although he looks really stiff. I would like to make an updated version at some point. So now I wanted to make a piece on another one of my favorite characters, Matsuyama Hikaru. He has always been among my favorites, competing against Hyuga for my first place (which is funny because they have a rivalry within the series itself). In one of the most recent episodes he has finally unleashed his special shot. I’ve been watching it while I workout in the gym and that scene got me fired up and going even harder while I was doing my cardio. This series really helps as motivation to push me even harder. So with that in mind and the actual snowfall that has been hitting here in my city I wanted to make a piece of him training his special shot while it snowed.

One other element was having Yoshiko Fujisawa looking over him. There are many couples in this series but theirs is definitely among my favorites. The headband that is given to Hikaru is such a cute and tender moment that I feel it is quite iconic in the series. Must be nice having someone like you like that huh…

(〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ

Here is the final piece:

This is the main reference for the body posture (I wanted him to look like he was moving and not too stiff):

Here are the rest of the references (first two were to get an idea of the color scheme):

Here is the drawing process (at first I was going to have him training in his jersey but that would have been mean huh, so while getting screenshots for reference I came upon his tracksuit so I went with that instead):

And here is the digital painting process:

What I like most about Matsuyama Hikaru is that he is a hard worker. He might not have the genius ability of all the top aces from the series but he has the initiative and drive to push himself and in turn also his teammates in order to compete on even ground to the other teams. He truly is an inspiration for the many of us who might not have a natural talent but could still achieve great results based on pure hard work and tenacity. If you have something that you are passionate about don’t give up when you encounter setbacks, push through and achieve new limits by working hard.

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Kojiro Hyuga Tiger

So I don’t know exactly how it happened but I seemed to have missed the announcement of a new Captain Tsubasa anime. When Japan released the announcement of them hosting the olympics there was this really cool advert that really embraced their pop culture. Among the many animes that made an appearance was Captain Tsubasa. And let me tell you that animation was gorgeous. It seemed to have a lot of it’s aesthetics based on the manga which I felt had the best anime interpretation of Tsubasa that had been released at that point. I really wished that the prospect of there being a new anime would happen but alas there were no plans at that time.

Here is the video. Looking at it now I do wonder if the first segment was in fact from the original series, it looks really good (the whole video is pretty awesome so I recommend watching the whole thing, but if you only want to see the Tsubasa segment it starts at 0:32 and has another segment at 1:08):

Now jump to about two weeks ago and I just happened to stumble upon Captain Tsubasa 2018. It actually looks quite good (definitely better than the 2002 version which I really did not like their art style and coloring). I personally still prefer the effects and animation from the original but this one is great. Or at least it got that way as the series kept going. The second part is definitely superior. But I do have to say, the opening animation was absolutely amazing. It looks even more like manga artwork was being animated.

Not the best version of the opening but here it is (you’ll see the segments that I mention as the opening reaches the end):

I really love Captain Tsubasa, although I really don’t care much for Tsubasa and his team. Truthfully every other important character from the other schools around Japan are much more interesting and appealing to me. As this post and artwork will lead you to believe, of course Hyuga is my favorite character out of all of them, though I do have some more that I really like. But Hyuga is definitely my number one.

Here is the artpiece:

It was done first with dip pens and then colored using Photoshop.

References used:

Here is the process:

Do any of you guys like Captain Tsubasa? If so who is you’re favorite character?

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