Captain D and Atarashii Gakko

By now, any Captain Disillusion and Atarashii Gakko fans have seen their collaboration video by now. It was great for one, and it melded each other’s abilities quite nicely. Seriously, who would have thought that this collaboration was even possible? It’s like when Night Tempo and Sayumi Michishige made a song together. I’m hoping there are more crossovers of things and people I like in the future.

Captain D’s videos:

There were a couple of ideas of what I wanted to draw, but passing up the opportunity of the Captain dancing with as a member of Atarashi Gakko was something I didn’t want to pass up. It was incredible. Thank you both for giving us this gift. No wonder the Captain was gone for so long. If you guys have a chance go through both of their works, they are amazing.

Hasta la proxima,