Dragon Ball Bunnies

I went for an 80s anime painting style this time. Doing simple colors can really pop, I need to practice in more simplistic coloring styles. I have a couple of artists that I can learn from. As for this specific drawing, I want to try painting it in my style as well. That will be a future project.

The original drawing was done for Inktober 2021 day 29. I remember that I really wanted to emphasize the more round designs that Toriyama used to use back in the days, a style that much prefer. The painting really helped emphasize the curves which I love.

Still annoyed that Lunch has been forgotten.

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Goku Bulma Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year!

Feliz Año Nuevo!


Managed to finish it. Went for a more anime look. I didn’t quite like the way last years version looked. Looking at it again though, I’m feel it just needs to be refined and it can look much better.

In any case, I wanted to just draw from memory this time to come up with the scenario and poses. I wanted the poses to be a bit more interesting. I debated on whether to have Goku swing from the awning by his tail or hanging by the counter (I of course went with the counter idea). As for Bulma I decided to have her ordering some food. I went for a pose that made it look like she was fidgeting and moving about due to the cold. I went with her outfit she used when they first met Oolong. Which is freaking cool and iconic. I just modified her socks to tights due to the weather.

This year has been something, but I feel grateful that I can still keep going and making my art. Hopefully you guys are doing well. Not much we can do but keep pushing forward. Here’s to a better year. Thank you everyone who has continuously looked at my work and liked it. I hope I can make more art that will bring some positive emotions in the future.

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Inktober 2021 Day 21

I really want more people to watch the original DragonBall. It’s such a great series. I’ve recently started rewatching some episodes and felt the urge to draw Bulma. I really love the more rounded eyes that Toriyama used to draw in his characters. In the more recent designs, they are more like windows while before they were somewhat shaped like real eyes but enlarged and exaggerated of course.

On another note, while writing this I just noticed that Bulma is always changing her style. In every story throughout the series she is wearing a new outfit and sometimes hairstyle. I’m surprised I never really noticed that.

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Goku and Bulma’s New Year’s 2021

The idea I originally had was of Goku returning to Mexico but I decided to to have Bulma tag along this time. In fact, she was the first one to be painted. Well, her car was, then her. The car is from the first chapter of Dragon Ball. Looking online, it seems the car is a Renault 5 Turbo. I’m always amazed at how compact and round Toriyama draws his cars, they look extra cute. The background was painted first which was done very roughly but I wanted the focus on Bulma and Goku so that’s fine.

About 1 or 2 years ago I wanted to make a painting of a Testarossa at night, when I didn’t quite get color theory and how it interacts with each other. So of course that didn’t go very well. But to my surprise, only using the manga panel for reference I managed to paint a good rendition of a car in a night scene with lighting effects and all. Maybe I should give that Testarossa piece another try at some point.

The Renault was apparently meant to be a rally car before it was released as a consumer car so I wanted Bulma to dress like she is travelling across Mexico. I really liked her outfit from chapter 5 (when they first met Oolong). Looking at more panels, there are a couple of details that I could have added but since she is kind of far away it should be fine. As for Goku, I had to think for a while about what he would wear, and I decided to give him a jacket reminicent of Jackie Chan’s jacket from Police Story 4. Looking at Jackies jacket they aren’t really that similar except in the color but I still think it looks good on Goku. As for what Goku is eating, I had him eating some Churros and buñuelos.

Happy New Year!

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Bulma’s Delivery Service

This is a painting for the drawing I did for inktober of this year (day 30). I wanted to do a parody of Kiki’s Delivery Service with Bulma as Kiki. Most of it uses the same style and colors but I incorporated elements from Dragon ball. Such changes are substituting Jiji for Tama, changing the font to Capsule Corp in the window reflection, using a mitsubishi car transporting Muten Roshi and Goku and Lunch as the woman walking in the street. Colors aren’t quite the same but look similar enough. I quite like how it turned out.

What do you guys think?

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Shin Shell of Fury POSTER parody of “New Fist of Fury”

I have already done one parody poster before, so I wanted to do another one. This time I wanted to give it a try doing it digitally.

This is the poster in question. This was back in the day when Jackie Chan was marketed as the new Bruce Lee, this movie is a continuation of the original Fist of Fury. The poster is quite amazing, but it was a bit scary as a project since it had so many parts to it. Lacking the experience at the time it took quite a bit of time, but I learned a lot.

Jackie chan new fist of fury

This is the poster finished on July 23.

Shin Shell of Fury POSTER resize

And here is the process. I tried to get as much as the background as I could. For this pieces I used the actual colors from the poster by using the eyedropper tool in Photoshop.

Shin Shell of Fury I resize

One thing to note is that I actually made a round figure for the faces but erased around the hair for a reason I don’t quite remember.

Shin Shell of Fury II resize

Shin Shell of Fury III resize


Shin Shell of Fury IV resize


Shin Shell of Fury V resize


Shin Shell of Fury VI resize

Shin Shell of Fury VII resize




Shin Shell of Fury VIII resize


Shin Shell of Fury IX resize

Shin Shell of Fury X resize


Shin Shell of Fury XI resize



Shin Shell of Fury XII resize


Shin Shell of Fury XIII resize

After this I added the text to make it like the original poster.

In any case that should be all, what do you guys think?

Hasta la proxima,