Bowsette looking down V2

2023 version:

2019 version:

…. I’ve been kneecapped by my line art…

Because of my painting style using my ink line art doesn’t work well together. And because I was trying to work around it, I kept getting the hues and values wrong. Well, that and brute forcing my growth by trying to paint as fast as possible. Color theory is tough. Unless I want to paint in flat colors, keeping my line art was doing me a disservice.

Today’s painting is of Bowsette, originally painted back in 2019. This time I wanted to draw Bowsette’s whole body. I remember skipping her feet because it would have been a bit tougher, so painting them this time would showcase a growth in my skills. Having only Bowsette looked a bit lonely though, so I added Mario in this Re:do. But that also felt a bit lonely so I debated on whether to add some of that fire I had in my original painting. Depending on how much fire I added though I would be covering up some of my background so I was a bit apprehensive. Adding it was the right move though.

It’s annoying because now that I have done a couple of more paintings I see more things I can change and do differently. Maybe some other time.

Hasta la proxima,


Man, it really blew up. Bowsette. Let’s give it a shot.

So my brother was telling me about Bowsette on Sunday, and by today it had blown up all over the internet. After my brother gave me the suggestion to draw her as well, I figured it would be a good idea to follow trends. Not only will people be actively looking for said subjects, but it should also be good practice to try and draw out pieces in a timely manner.

I wanted to try doing a flat Anime style. I noticed that a youtuber I see named LavenderTowne  seems to shade by using only one color and choosing the multiply layer option, and that keeps the color balanced and clean.

I noticed that there were three main different color schemes. One that looks like Peach, one with red hair, and another one where Bowsette has tanned skin. You can find the original artwork here. Done by Haniwa.

This is my try and the different re-colors:

Personally between the light skin color variants I prefer the blonde hair.

If Bowsette does have red hair I believe the tanned skin looks better.

I used this picture of Bowser as a reference picture:

Looking back, maybe I should have tilted her head up a bit. Maybe some other day.

For those who are interested here is the process:

With the coloring done, I just need to use the magic wand to capture the hair and later the skin so that I can change it quick and easy.

After that I just shaded the picture with this somewhat dark yellow, put the shadow layer into multiply. After doing it once, that shading was translated into all three variants (layers). This system is much easier and faster. Now I see why LavenderTowne does it.

Apparently there is also a Boo variant named Boosette that looks really cool and I want to really try it. It will be fun playing around with making the poses plus it will fit with the Halloween season.

That will be all for now.

Hasta la proxima,