Fubuki and Tatsumaki Christmas 2021

As were getting closer to Christmas I felt that I should make some paintings to fit the season. At this point painting Fubuki and Tatsumaki has become somewhat a tradition so why not continue. I didn’t have a plan starting out but it eventually morphed into the sisters sitting in a staircase. I had the idea of having hats/ head pieces but decided to paint them at the end. This worked out well because I could have two versions, one wearing hats and one without.

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Fubuki and Tatsumaki Christmas 2019

I was a bit scared I wasn’t going to be able to make it this year, and to think I was thinking about making two pieces for today…

I am a bit surprised at how quick I was able to finish it in three days (I usually take a week). I was struggling deciding on the colors and the style I would use. When it comes to watercolors I really love Little Thunder‘s art style. I wanted to emulate it but I always end up doing it a bit different. I have to paint more so that it all becomes a natural process.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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Fubuki CD Cover

Man, I started this piece a long time ago. I figure it was about time I went ahead and finished it now that I have a bit more time to work. I had a different version made during the summer but I was not satisfied. Not only did I decide to edit Fubuki herself but opted to redo the whole background. It took around three, five separate attempts over a couple of months till I was finally able to finish. I felt a lot more confident in my technique and color selection. Hopefully this means I will be able to create more paintings at a faster pace. I also noticed I knew a lot more shortcuts and time management techniques which allowed me to keep a steady workflow. As for whether the painting actually looks good I don’t know. I’ve been working on it for a bit so it’s hard to know.

Any way this piece was based on the chapter covers of One Punch Man where Fubuki is drawn like in a CD cover (this sentence is written weirdly).

The paintings:

references used:

Can’t find the chapter art covers I mentioned, if I do find them I will update this post.



Man that was long…

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