Terry Bogard Hat Salute V2

A redo of painting I did back in March 2020. I only did a couple of touch ups of the background and changed some of the lighting and color. The main changes were made to Terry in terms of the values and hues. The main part I mainly spent repainting were his arms.

First version can be seen here:

Hasta la proxima,


Ultra Instinct Goku

It’s been two years since we witnessed Goku’s ultra instinct (in animate form). I’m surprised it took me this long to actually make a painting. When it comes to Dragon Ball’s many forms, my favorite is Kaio Ken because it makes the usage of it a gamble and gives it stakes every time Goku uses it. Of course this was later replaced and pretty much forgotten when the Super Saiyan form was introduced. Luckily, during the run of Super it was brought back and paired up with Super Saiyan Blue. (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ

The second form that I really liked was Ultra Instinct. This brought it back more to fighting and not so much who has the most power. It’s a form that requires a state of mind more than anything so that the body can move on experience and instinct during a fight. Plus the mastered form looks really cool.

Reference for the pose and body:


Hasta la proxima,


I’m finally back!

Sorry, man can’t believe I disappeared for about a month. But I was working on some projects (entering more contests on Deviantar). But I really don’t feel they are worth putting up here. I felt a bit weird drawing some of them so I wasn’t really able to produce anything that can be considered “good”. To be honest I used it as a chance to experiment on a couple of new techniques and see why some of my artwork looks so bad when I outlined them with a pen. And I have found the answer. If I don’t make the colors in the drawing simple and instead add a lot of details like I tend to try and do, it doesn’t mesh well and looks really bad. So I finally solved that mystery (though was it really that hard to figure out?).

I have been uploading some of my artwork to Pixiv, surprisingly I have not been doing abysmal there. Having been there for just a couple of weeks I have already obtained a couple of followers, something that took quite a while in deviantart. My views have not gone over 300 yet, but that’s something I hope can change soon.

This was my last artwork by the way:

Shiori Hattori edit resize

It doesn’t look bad, but it does need some polishing (this was a contest entry by the way). I noticed that Copic markers don’t react too well with Bristol paper. There seems to be some blotchiness and that is a bit annoying. On the plus side it does give way to using it in conjunction with color pencils.

I also want to revive my youtube channel, but that will have to wait a bit more.

In any case, I will be working on some more artworks so I will keep you guys updated.