Nan Desu Kan (afterwords)

Here are some Picture that I took when my brother and some friends went to the convention.

One of our first sightings were…

Name those Pokemon.

It was really cool to see all the cosplayers there, although that made us feel a little bit undressed. Next time for sure we’ll cosplay even if it’s just a a box that says Gundam on it.

I saw a weird sight when I was there, I had to take a couple of photos to make sure I was truly seeing the right thing.

Is that, no it can’t be…

here’s a close up

What really caught my attention was a Sakuya Cosplayer from Touhou.

The way she sat there in that pose made her look just like a maid waiting for her master, she looked really cute.

I had a lot of fun on my first anime convention, I’ll definitely do it again next year, except I’m going to try and get more immersed in the athmosphere to enjoy it a lot more. One of the main things I went to see at Nan Desu Kan was the artwork that fans go and sell there, I hope to next year be able to sell my very own. The art was really amazing, I could’nt take any pictures though (it’s prohibited) but trust me, they were amazing.