Confident Asuka

The base colors were painted using Photoshop so that I could separate each color segments so that I can add to them separately in a different layer. This time I used a different brush using Corel Painter. The brush in question is the real tapered wet flat brush. It has the blending abililties of the the oily brush that I tend to use, but it I can also control the brush size depending on the pressure applied. One other aspect of the brush is the bristle effects it leaves behind as I paint. This can come in real handy when I want to make textures. In this case, it was quite handy on the chalkboard. I was contemplating making the text in Japanese, but I really don’t know the correct way to phrase it. My brother suggested writing it in German but I really don’t think she would waste her time writing in German since she knows nobody would understand her. In the end I just decided to keep it in English. Although since I left the text and chalk drawing in a separate layer, I could always add any text or drawing in the future. I used the pastel brush from Photoshop for the writing/drawings by the way. The line art was complimented with some color ones using the digital brush.

To speed up the process of coming up with the colors for the lighter areas and the shadows I used the divide option for the light layer and the multiply option for the shadows layer.

Posing and setting was inspired by Reina Tanaka’s Asuka cosplay done back in Hello Channel.

Hasta la proxima,


Confident Asuka Line Art

There are always plenty of reasons to do art of Evangelion. This drawing will actually be part of a set, both of which are now completed. But I will upload them later. This was drawn using my maru pen. I started using my flat pencil again for the rough draft, and it really reminded me of how fluid my lines come out compared to using a thin point like with my mechanical pencils which bring out my bad habit of being too rigid.

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Asuka Scornful Eyes

This is a colored version of the Inktober drawing I did on the 22nd day of 2019. I used the reference picture for the background and colors. I found it easier to simplify the colors. I guess that comes with experience huh. I was going to start painting it with Photoshop but the paint effects from Corel Painter are more my style. I really like the way they blend and react to one another.

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New artwork Featuring Asuka Langley Shikinami

As promised here is some new artwork that will be added to the gallery soon. This time it is Asuka from the new Evangelion movies.

What I like the most about Evangelion is probably Asuka both in the original series and the new remakes. Though most people will not like my opinion, I feel I like the new Asuka more. The reason being that the original Asuka didn’t really seem to have much of a future anymore. And that seemed rather sad to me. Sure it probably makes the story more interesting but I seriously prefer characters that see a light after all the struggles, which is what I think this new remake has and the other one didn’t. Regardless, both were great. The thing I hated the most about the original Asuka is that she was too much in “love” with Kaji, which I never really understood. Why so much fixation. Though the same can be said about Shinji. Although I’m usually ok with weak characters, Shinji just rubbed me the wrong way, I really don’t like him. In either the original or the remakes. This is probably one of the reasons why I wouldn’t put Evangelion among my favorite animes, The protagonist was just not very likeable to me. And that is a big point against a series. But Asuka despite her many flaws made the story very interesting, and in the new movies very likeable.

What do you guys think?


Asuka Shikinami Langley - You Can (Not) Give Up simple resize Asuka Shikinami Langley - You Can (Not) Give Up background resize