Sanji God of Cookery

Today I decided to paint Sanji who I drew for day 22 of Inktober this year.
Here it is:

Seriously, if you guys haven’t seen the movie the God of Cookery do give it a try. Somehow I feel Sanji would definitely fit into that world as a martial arts chef. It’s a shame that we only had about two decades of good Hong Kong movies that gave us a glimpse of what anime could look like in real life (although Stephen Chow continued to do so well into the 2000s).

Once again I decided to go for an anime painting style, the challenge this time being that I would not look at references for the coloring style. For the next planned painting I also wish to imitate a 90s anime look but I haven’t quite settled on which style yet. I might just end up doing more than one, we’ll see.

Hasta la proxima,