Kodachi Kuno Swimsuit V2

Was planning on having this work with the remake contest on Pixiv but the dates didn’t align. Oh well.

Here is the final piece for this painting. Attached will be the old version. I changed quite a few things and also the posture. I painted based on my current memory. Overall I feel pretty good with the end result. Brute forcing the acquisition of skill takes time, but I’m now finally seeing some of the result of my training. Making colors more vibrant really helps make the painting pop more than just trying to mimic reference photos. I know that’s obvious but I wanted to understand why that is the case.

I used to have a tough time blending colors for the sky but using the blending tool makes that super easy. It’s kind of hilarious it took me this long to figure that out.

I just noticed looking at the old painting and the new one, but I flipped the hand position…

Hasta la proxima,