Airi Rescue Soldier Manga

I actually had a version of this drawing ready to go, but I’m glad I never uploaded it. Since I had a chance to rest on it and reflect on what I could do with it, I ended up adding some new ideas to it which I think look better. Before it was a bit flat but now it now looks like a title page at the beginning of a chapter. The beam saber looked a bit bland too, so I added some outer glow to it and also some grain so that it blended roughly with the background. Clip Studio has some cool stuff to draw manga, but it also lacks in others which is why I like combining it with Photoshop. The only bad thing about that is that the screen tone layers get screwed up and I can’t edit them again. There are ways to just make a quick new layer to edit if necessary, but that’s a real pain if I have to do multiple.

I wanted to download a stars brush to do them quickly but I ended up just painting them by hand. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I like that rough look to them that the real g pen from Clip Studio gives it. The font it self I ripped from the music video.

Here’s the music video by the way. It’s a really fun one, I love it:

Hasta la proxima,