Shin Godzilla

I was wondering how I was going about when converting the black and white rough to color, but it was easier than I thought. First I changed the hue and then I made a quick and rough background. I wanted to add in the cityscape but as I kept painting I felt this minimalized background worked quite well. From there adding texture and colors to Godzilla was actually quite straightforward. At some point I felt having three versions of Godzilla in different stages of attack. While I was painting I felt the head and eyes were still derpy and wrong. So I had to make various edits including changing the eye position, size and shape as well as resizing Godzilla’s whole head.

While looking at Gozilla’s first beam attack, I notice a whole lot more details such as light particles appearing when preparing his beams. It’s a shame that we probably won’t be seeing more of Shin Godzilla. He overtook my favorite position from the 90s Godzilla.

Hasta la proxima,