Inktober 2022 31 Yura Final

Day 31, it’s over! I need a break… Inktober 2022 has truly been something. I felt a power up this year. I’m pretty sure I can do 3-4 drawings a day. Inking and painting of course not included. I wanted to make sure I inked today’s drawing, since it’s the last one. I’m not sure which drawing took longer to ink, Meimi’s or Yura’s.

I chose Yura because my brother finally gave Inuyasha a chance. When I saw Yura, a bunch of memories began flooding back. I used to have such a crush on her, sad she got killed right at the start.

I actually had another drawing ready of Angerme sketched out and ready to be inked. I had the bright idea to make three drawings today, but I guess I was a little burned out and wasn’t working fast enough. Yura was a last minute idea that I had to plan out, sketch and ink all in the same day.

Another year, another Inktobber fully completed. Till next year Inktober.

Hasta la proxima,