Inktober 2022 06 Lynn Minmay

Day 6 of Inktober. This time I decided to draw Lynn Minmay. I saw this cute photo of Akina Nakmori talking in the phone that I thought would work very well. This time I decided to to add more hatching. For the hair I decided to follow the flow of the hair while for the jacket I decided to go for a more stylized hatching technique.

Everything was going well, but I did mess up twice this time. The maru pen got stuck and sent droplets of ink all around the left top corner of the drawing and then I touched the ink and smudged on the right hand sleeve. I uploaded a cleaned up version, but in the spirit of inktober I have also uploaded the original version as well.

reference used:

As a side note, when I uploaded my drawings to Pinterest I got some Akina Nakamori photos as suggested similar pictures. I wonder if it had to do with what I had in the description, a recent search or …

Hasta la proxima,