Creator Clash I did a thing VS. TheOdd1sOut

The intro song and performance by the Australians was incredible. The Thai electro pop song was such a nice touch that was fun to hear and connected to I did a Thing’s videos. Alex and Aleksa definitely had the best walk in in the whole event. His outfit and his khakis was freakin hilarious. Man, they are a great duo.

I’m also a fan of TheOdd1sOut. The fact that it was his birthday made things such a big coincidence. He’s a really good sport. Hopefully he continues to train so that he can show his skill more next time. If anything, this will give him more story time content of his journey and from the backstage. With the birthday hat and his boxing robe, he looked like a little wizard. Despite losing, it seems that he wasn’t ready to give up. Maybe next time.

You can see their fight at this time 1:13:53:

Hasta la proxima,