Creator Clash Dad VS. Matt Watson

On May 14th a lot of my favorite Youtube creators were in a boxing event made by Idubbbz and Anisa. The event was more entertaining than I could’ve imagined. When Ian said he wanted to give boxing the respect it deserves, he wasn’t kidding. Everyone went all out and showed tremendous heart. To the point It motivated me to do some art based on it.

Full event can be seen here:

To start things off, we have the first contenders. Dad (Nathan Barnatt) vs. Matt Watson (of SuperMega). I like Super Mega and Matt Watson but I truly do feel that there was no way crack power would be enough to beat Dad’s almost infinite energy and physicality. For those who have been following him and his content, you know what I’m talking about. Nathan’s physical abilities span a wide array of skills. All of them together give him a ridiculous amount of stamina, strength and pain tolerance. On top of that, when Nathan wants something he has this focus and follow through that’s quite intense. When Dad said he was made to solely destroy Matt Watson, I believed it.

Having said all of that, I still wasn’t expecting the outcome of the fight. He not only started strong, but it was fast. And the quick flurry of combos didn’t give Matt Watson a chance to counter. I think Matt only gave like three or maybe four punches. The fight ended in like 20 seconds. It really made it clear that the fights were real and being taken seriously. If the fighters didn’t take things seriously, then they would get hurt.

Dad and his Quantam Fists were a lot like an anime character using his ultimate attack from the get-go.

What I also love is that Dad has had a couple of opportunities open up because of this. That’s one of the other great side effects of this boxing event. There is so much variety amongst these Youtubers that it will provide new viewers that they might otherwise not have seen before.

You can see Dad’s fight here:

Hasta la proxima,