Gijinka Shin Godzilla

I follow this cosplay photographer’s blog named CosplayJP. In this year’s “WONDER FESTIVAL WINTER 2022”, the photographer got some photos of a Shin Godzilla cosplayer. It’s a gijinka version, so of course the cosplayer had to be creative on how to portray Godzilla’s features. Godzillas tail being also a cape was a really great touch.

Here are the references (sadly the cosplayers name is nowhere to be found, If you know who it is let me know):

I want to do a couple black and white drawings for a while, but this time working with hatching or inking. The line art was done in pencil and darkened digitally after I isolated it from the white background. I was debating whether to hatch it traditionally or digitally. This time I decided to do it digitally using the g pen in Clip Studio Paint. That took a while. I know I can do this digitally but I wanted practice with different textures to differentiate between the clothes, the skin and the hair. It looked good, but I wanted to add a background. I started with the circle and the pattern screentone. But because I isolated the line art, the screentone became visible… So I had to paint it in within the line art. From there I felt it looked good, but I wanted to add a cityscape. I chose Shinjuku. I added a shadow below her to add more feeling. But with the black background, Godzilla blended in a bit too much so I added an outer glow to make her stand out more.

Hasta la proxima,