Marin’s Room

The colored version of the line art I did a couple of days ago. I wanted to convey the morning light, so I went for a warmer tone. Looking at the furniture, decorations and items on the anime, some of them were altered and yet others were kept quite faithful to the manga. I’m really impressed by the amount of details in this series. I really do feel the love for it by the animation studio.

For Marin’s outfit, I chose the look she had when Gojou visited her home in chapter 18-19. There’s quite a lot of details on the pillows/cushions and Marin’s shorts, which had me a bit worried. What I did was paint in the base colors and played with the lighting, and then added the details/patterns. Luckily I have enough experience now painting things like this so painting them in didn’t take that long. The posters and specially the Shizuku-tan body pillow were like painting a whole separate character.

Once I had the colors that would dictate the values and hue, Marin was painted last of course. While working though, I did have to modify things accordingly. This is definitely the biggest advantage of painting digitally. I had a slightly less saturated color scheme but I liked the warmer feel that I ended up with.

With this finished, I will reward my self with the two latest episodes of the anime.

Hasta la proxima,