Yuri Tamura Listening in the snow

Today’s Pixiv theme was earphones, I wanted to make a winter painting. So I combined both ideas. The subject is Yuri Tamura. She is often seen wearing her earbuds so I felt this was a great fit. Although I can’t really tell since the manga is black and white, but her earbuds are most likely white huh? I felt black would fit better in this painting though. I wasted more time coming up with the concept than actually painting it feels like.

I added some snow to the platform but that’s probably cleaned up properly before it get’s piled up in big cities right? Oh well, let’s just call it artistic liberty.

Just when I was about to finish most of the painting I decided to add Yuri’s hand holding one of her earbuds. I think it adds more to the scene. One other thing to note is that when I do full digital paintings I feel they look good without outlines, but when I add them in they look better somehow. I’ll have to keep experimenting with this.

Hasta la proxima,