Inktober 2021 Day 06

It’s been a while since I last played Smash, I grew up with the original 64 version so that’s what I have in mind whenever I think about it. When Terry was announced for the series I wanted to finally give the new ones a try but I rarely play games anymore. But yesterday when I arrived from one of my jobs, my brother excitedly asked if I knew who the next and final Smash character was. I jokingly said Sora since I have always been told by my friends and other brother that it would never happen due to the licenses needed. But I always foolishly believed. I finally got to see the trailer this morning and… it was amazing. I felt goosebumps and it actually brought some tears out. The attention to detail and effort to showcase Sora was amazing. I also loved the tagline, “Sora is finally here!”. I’m so glad there was a huge push by Kingdom Hearts fans to get the attention needed so that this was made possible. Now with Sora and Terry in the game, it might finally be time for me to get a Switch. Plus, it seems the new Switch version will be released soon. Although, I have yet to played Kingdom Hearts III. I should really get on that as well.

Sora and Mario really make an amazing duo. That handshake was so iconic and was a nice homage to when Sora and Mickey did it. To fit with Sora’s personality, I wanted to make a fun and happy piece.

Hasta la proxima,