Baseball Airi Suzuki

Originally drawn for inktober 2020 day 08.

It can be found here:

I used the pastel brush for the background which gave it quite a bit of texture while still being rather loose. Airi was painted in flat colors using Photoshop before moving over to Corel Painter for the other color layers. I remembered that I had left the logo sections free which prompted me to add Suu-san and an A for Airi. For some reason it takes me longer to paint solid sections more than doing it freestyle using Corel Painter’s Oily Brush. Thinking about it now, it might be easier if I just rework the line art digitally and use the bucket tool like animators do. Aesthetically though, if the drawing itself isn’t good, I guess it won’t work either way. I also wonder if having solid black lines might be too much for this type of paintings. I’ll have to keep experimenting. I really want to do more studies of Airi, there are a couple of photos that I have had in mind.

Hasta la proxima,